Tuesday, January 30, 2007

it's just one of those days you can't reach work on time...

I feel so damn annoyed and irritated.

Sometimes I wonder what the government's thinking when they built those digital signboards along Loke Yew road.

Yeah, yeah, of course they tell you informations regarding the traffic. And also about flashfloods. And accidents. Important stuffs.

The only thing is that the bloody digital signboard is erected right in the middle of Loke Yew road, and you need to be caught in the stupid jam for a veeeeerrrrrryyyyyy long time before you can read what's written on it.

Today I was caught in the traffic on my way to work. I was wondering why the queue was so damn long, cars weren't able to move as far as from Leisure Mall. Must be some accident in front I thought. So I crawled for a further half an hour before I can finally see that signboard which read:

"Raptai untuk sambutan Hari Wilayah. Laluan di Dataran Merdeka ditutup"

And I get to choose whether to spend 15 minutes to crawl my way to the alternative route, which will take another 30 minutes to reach my working place, or continue to crawl in the jam for another 30 minutes before I reach the same destination.

That's pathetic isn't it?

If I was warned before Leisure Mall, I would've turned right away and head towards PJ, pay the toll, drive all the way to Midvalley before making a U-turn heading back to KL to my workplace. And I can still arrive faster, for bloody's sake!

So what's the point having that stupid digital signboard again?

Thursday, January 18, 2007

gathering soon?

Not meant to be for you guys who're probably reading this, cuz I'm talking about a possible gathering with my ex-coursemates soon. ;p

Received a call from Yean in the evening today, she just switched jobs and gave me a call (more like a scolding). Stuff like why so long didn't contact, why no news, things like that.

So in the end I agreed to hold a reunion in the coming months. When exactly, I have no idea yet, ahahahaha... But I think there are quite a few of them who remained in KL after graduation, so there'll be some help in organizing a 3-day get-together.

Hmmm, I'm thinking of allocating one day for an outing to Sunway Lagoon. Since I've never been there before. And it fills up an entire day's agenda, hahahaha...

Ok, need to start sending out mails to people, need to show some progress before Yean gives another scolding!

Monday, January 15, 2007

one hand in my pocket, the other holding an empty wallet...

I should probably blog more often, it's already 2007 and I didn't post much for the past few months, hehe...

I should set "blog more often" as my new year resolution, but I know I'm gonna break my resolutions anyway, so I didn't bother.

I went to the Pharmacy Nite last Friday, quite reluctantly to be honest. (Well, already low in $$$ this month, and dinner like that chopped off a big slice of my remaining allowance for the rest of January). I thought of skipping it, but I guess the softer side of me knows that attending it would make my girlfriend's day.

It's her final dinner anyway, I'm sure she wants me to be there with her.

Well, for this round, girlfriend 1, $$$ 0. Let's hope it stays one round.

The dinner was good though, but I didn't eat a lot (I had my dinner a couple of hours before that because I wasn't expecting to go until the last minute). Plus, the performances and video presentations were totally awesome. Spent most of my time helping them to take photos, and taking care of the purses when they all went all over the place taking photographs.

But in the end, seeing the looks on my girlfriend's face, I guess it's worth it.

Or, to put it on a simpler term, worth 2 months of lunch.

Yes, looks like this time I WILL really get back in shape. Wish me luck, fellas!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

money money money...

Pretty long since the last update (again), but since Nic is actively blogging again, I thought I should pretend to be putting in some effort too, hehehe...

Between now and the last post, I've been to Butterworth three times, and celebrated New Year with my girlfriend's coursemates in Port Dickson; filming their music video for the Pharm Nite dinner which will be held this Friday.

Thought of going to the dinner, but with the way I'm spending recently, I'm better off saving a few more pennies in case of emergency.

Last month was a disaster, financial-wise. I don't know how I did it, but I managed to overspend my salary. The trips obviously took up a big chunk of it. Also, some unavoidable expenditure for Christmas gifts and house-warming gifts. But still, I never thought I would outspend my income. I guess it's time for me to do some financial planning.

No more lunch. No more suppers. No more new clothes. No more driving around aimlessly. No more coffee breaks. No more unnecessary breakfasts outside.

Hmmm... sounds like a good way to diet too. ;)

Okay, will be meeting up with Cheng one of these days to talk about some insurance policies and stuff like that. Pretty sure that'll take up a big slice of my salary too from next month onwards. Sigh...