Thursday, January 18, 2007

gathering soon?

Not meant to be for you guys who're probably reading this, cuz I'm talking about a possible gathering with my ex-coursemates soon. ;p

Received a call from Yean in the evening today, she just switched jobs and gave me a call (more like a scolding). Stuff like why so long didn't contact, why no news, things like that.

So in the end I agreed to hold a reunion in the coming months. When exactly, I have no idea yet, ahahahaha... But I think there are quite a few of them who remained in KL after graduation, so there'll be some help in organizing a 3-day get-together.

Hmmm, I'm thinking of allocating one day for an outing to Sunway Lagoon. Since I've never been there before. And it fills up an entire day's agenda, hahahaha...

Ok, need to start sending out mails to people, need to show some progress before Yean gives another scolding!

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