Saturday, March 25, 2006

busy as usual...

Assignments, tests, presentations, thesis report. What else to expect?

I freaking hate hypocrites. If you're too busy to organize another test, then don't. No one's forcing you to. It was never in the schedule anyway. Don't simply blame us because you are the one who wanna help to pull up grades for 'some' people. If that's what you wanna do then don't complain in front of the lecture hall. What a whole load of bullshit.

Important date: 8/5/2006.

Last day of uni life. That's like, 40 odd days left.

Monday, March 13, 2006

to all friends and family of John...

Friends and family of SIlent Scream

This is just to inform you that Silent Scream's lead vocalist, John Samuel Oommen has been hospitalized. John was badly assaulted in his attempt to aid an old lady who was being carjacked by 3 armed men. In the events that followed, the armed men slashed John's neck with a 'parang', resulting in severe lost of blood. He was subsequently rushed to a nearby hospital. Despite what had happened, the 3 armed assailant is still on the loose.

The injury incurred were severe. The 'parang' very narrowly missed a few major arteries in the neck, sparing any irreversible damage, and possibly fatality. Thanks to the effort of the emergency medical team, John is in stable condition and is now resting in the hospital.

We hope that you can join us as we pray for John's recovery and the prompt arrests of the 3 armed assailants. More importantly, we hope to spread the message over the importance of keeping one's vigilance over their own safety, especially when driving late at night in the streets of Kuala Lumpur. The world is seemingly becoming a dangerous place.

Your sincerely, Silent Scream

Damn. Never thought I'll be reading this sort of news happening to someone I know. This really sucks. Makes you realize that there are so many important things in life.

Get well soon, John. I'm praying that you'll be back on your feet as healthy as ever.

The assailants will get what they deserved. Cruel bastards.

Photos galore...

As promised, tons of photos uploaded here. Enjoy!

First stop of my Chenderiang trip: Bidor's Duck Drumstick Noodles.

Lata Kinjang.

With my coursemates.

Kellie's Castle.

Stairway in Kellie's Castle.

Feels like I'm at some western country.

21th Cafe (Don't ask me how to pronounce the shop's name).

That 21th Cafe (See? I'm not lying about the name).

A photo in a photo.

One of the caves in Ipoh.

Old railway track at Kuala Kangsar's wild boar hunting village.

Tualang's famous prawns.

Having lunch at Krissada ala Thai in Sunway Mas after the trip.

Japanese lunch buffet at Shogun in One Utama.

KL Tower.

That, my friend, is VI.

This is the thrill: G Force X!!!

Yeah, I'm pretty sure the one on the right is me.

Friday, March 10, 2006

lengthy break...

Wow, took quite a long break from blogging. And not missing it too, hahaha...

Let's see. A short summary of what happened for the past couple of weeks:

Last Thursday I went to the movies with some coursemates, watched Final Destination 3. Not bad if you're planning to scare your heart out, though it didn't really have any effect on me.

I left to Chenderiang last Friday morning (since my thesis labwork has officially ended) to visit my coursemate's hometown with several others just to take a break from studies. A few of them were attempting to shirk off stress from thesis troubles too, btw. We had some pretty relaxing moments; waterfall trip to Lata Kinjang, Kellie's Castle, Kampar's famous chicken-in-bread, Bidor's duck drumstick noodles, rural Tualang's reknown prawn dishes, Kampar's version of "Greentown", Kuala Kangsar's wild boar hunting village. Came back on Sunday noon. Pretty cool trip, I'll try to upload some photos if I have the time.

Went to Shogun in One Utama on Wednesday afternoon for a Japanese buffet. Spent a whopping RM 50 for that meal, but worth it. You're hearing it from me, definitely a recommended place for a decent Japanese meal.

Planning to go to KL Tower with my housemates tomorrow to experience the Reverse Bungee, or something like that. I don't really know what it is called, but that's not important. I just wanted to experience the thrill.

I sound as though I've finished studies, haha, well my thesis draft will be due next month actually. So I need to resume the busy schedule next week.

But with university life ending in a couple of months time, I would really want to enjoy every moment while they last, and spare the regrets. These coming two months will, hopefully, be a blast.