Friday, March 10, 2006

lengthy break...

Wow, took quite a long break from blogging. And not missing it too, hahaha...

Let's see. A short summary of what happened for the past couple of weeks:

Last Thursday I went to the movies with some coursemates, watched Final Destination 3. Not bad if you're planning to scare your heart out, though it didn't really have any effect on me.

I left to Chenderiang last Friday morning (since my thesis labwork has officially ended) to visit my coursemate's hometown with several others just to take a break from studies. A few of them were attempting to shirk off stress from thesis troubles too, btw. We had some pretty relaxing moments; waterfall trip to Lata Kinjang, Kellie's Castle, Kampar's famous chicken-in-bread, Bidor's duck drumstick noodles, rural Tualang's reknown prawn dishes, Kampar's version of "Greentown", Kuala Kangsar's wild boar hunting village. Came back on Sunday noon. Pretty cool trip, I'll try to upload some photos if I have the time.

Went to Shogun in One Utama on Wednesday afternoon for a Japanese buffet. Spent a whopping RM 50 for that meal, but worth it. You're hearing it from me, definitely a recommended place for a decent Japanese meal.

Planning to go to KL Tower with my housemates tomorrow to experience the Reverse Bungee, or something like that. I don't really know what it is called, but that's not important. I just wanted to experience the thrill.

I sound as though I've finished studies, haha, well my thesis draft will be due next month actually. So I need to resume the busy schedule next week.

But with university life ending in a couple of months time, I would really want to enjoy every moment while they last, and spare the regrets. These coming two months will, hopefully, be a blast.


tomatoinc said...

congrats jason. happy to hear you re finishing soon.

when you said all those awesome stuff you will be doing..kinda reminded me that i have a lot of regrets to having the fullest of all when i was in kl/uni. oh well..have fun bro. :) all the best


Livingmonolith said...

well, we can spend some great time again together when you get your ass back here, hehe...

so what's up with you lately? there aren't any news from nz. and btw, my computer's back from the dead, so you can expect to see me online (when i'm not busy studying of course) more often now.