Monday, March 13, 2006

Photos galore...

As promised, tons of photos uploaded here. Enjoy!

First stop of my Chenderiang trip: Bidor's Duck Drumstick Noodles.

Lata Kinjang.

With my coursemates.

Kellie's Castle.

Stairway in Kellie's Castle.

Feels like I'm at some western country.

21th Cafe (Don't ask me how to pronounce the shop's name).

That 21th Cafe (See? I'm not lying about the name).

A photo in a photo.

One of the caves in Ipoh.

Old railway track at Kuala Kangsar's wild boar hunting village.

Tualang's famous prawns.

Having lunch at Krissada ala Thai in Sunway Mas after the trip.

Japanese lunch buffet at Shogun in One Utama.

KL Tower.

That, my friend, is VI.

This is the thrill: G Force X!!!

Yeah, I'm pretty sure the one on the right is me.


tomatoinc said...

great photos....

miss malaysia a bit liao

btw...cut your hair lor

Livingmonolith said...

i will cut, probably in a month or two's time, haha...

hey, you can always go bungee jumping in nz, which btw, i shook hands with mr hackett (the man who invented bungee jumping) himself, how's that?!! damn bangga already lah, hahaha, can showoff now...