Wednesday, June 24, 2009

on the road...

16 June
0700hrs - Depart from KL to Tanjung Malim to pick up a colleague.
1100hrs - Depart from Tanjung Malim to Penang for an appointment.
1400hrs - Meeting in Penang that lasted 2 hours, late lunch followed.
1700hrs - Depart from Penang to Kota Bharu.
2330hrs - Arrive at Kota Bharu.

17 June
0730hrs - Work till evening.
1830hrs - Got back to hotel for shower, dinner and sleep.

18 June
0500hrs - Got up for work.
1400hrs - Job assignment in Kota Bharu over. Depart to Alor Setar.
1730hrs - Dinner somewhere near Temenggor Lake.
2100hrs - Arrive Butterworth for light meals.
2330hrs - Arrive at Alor Setar.

19 June
0500hrs - Got up for work.
1400hrs - Job assignment over. Depart to Tanjung Malim.
1700hrs - Arrive Tanjung Malim. Depart to KL.
1900hrs - Arrive KL. Preparations for next assignment.
2130hrs - Arrive home.

20 June
0630hrs - Got up for work.
1830hrs - Job assignment over.
2130hrs - Meet up with friends for a drink in The Curve.
+0130hrs - Arrive home.

21 June

22 June
Standard working hours.

23 June
0500hrs - Got up for work.
0600hrs - Depart to Jerantut.
0900hrs - Meeting for 4 hours.
1300hrs - Depart to KL.
1630hrs - Arrive KL.

Coming assignments:-
Penang 27-29 June

Pardon me for neglecting the blog at the moment.

Friday, June 05, 2009


This year has been somewhat different from previous years. Work-wise.

In previous years, I would've gone off at least once on vacation outside Malaysia by June. With a different working schedule/season this time around, I find myself having quite some difficulty taking long leaves from work.

Prior to 2009, the first half of the year always seemed a little more relaxed with few major assignments, and I'll have most weekends to myself. This year, my work has started as early as February, and there have been a healthy stream of commitments that tied me down, and as a result, I failed to plan for any holidays until today.

Going back to my record, I have taken only 2-days leave in the past 6 months, and almost every other weekend there is an assignment.

Honestly, I don't think it's good for me mentally. My performance have obviously been compromised, and this isn't something I expected. These days, I can actually feel like 'floating' when walking about, easily more forgetful of recent incidents, at times very moody and passive, and I can't imagine myself doing something very productive the moment I step into the office.

Even blogging seems like hard work to me nowadays.