Wednesday, June 24, 2009

on the road...

16 June
0700hrs - Depart from KL to Tanjung Malim to pick up a colleague.
1100hrs - Depart from Tanjung Malim to Penang for an appointment.
1400hrs - Meeting in Penang that lasted 2 hours, late lunch followed.
1700hrs - Depart from Penang to Kota Bharu.
2330hrs - Arrive at Kota Bharu.

17 June
0730hrs - Work till evening.
1830hrs - Got back to hotel for shower, dinner and sleep.

18 June
0500hrs - Got up for work.
1400hrs - Job assignment in Kota Bharu over. Depart to Alor Setar.
1730hrs - Dinner somewhere near Temenggor Lake.
2100hrs - Arrive Butterworth for light meals.
2330hrs - Arrive at Alor Setar.

19 June
0500hrs - Got up for work.
1400hrs - Job assignment over. Depart to Tanjung Malim.
1700hrs - Arrive Tanjung Malim. Depart to KL.
1900hrs - Arrive KL. Preparations for next assignment.
2130hrs - Arrive home.

20 June
0630hrs - Got up for work.
1830hrs - Job assignment over.
2130hrs - Meet up with friends for a drink in The Curve.
+0130hrs - Arrive home.

21 June

22 June
Standard working hours.

23 June
0500hrs - Got up for work.
0600hrs - Depart to Jerantut.
0900hrs - Meeting for 4 hours.
1300hrs - Depart to KL.
1630hrs - Arrive KL.

Coming assignments:-
Penang 27-29 June

Pardon me for neglecting the blog at the moment.


tomatoinc said...

Jason the malaysia Trottler. Why are you goign to all those exotic location? even Jerantut? What's in Jerantut? Tanjung Malim? Wtf? taking pictures of padi fields?

cLiu said...

jerantut? er...I used to have a "closed" friend from there.

wah lau...although this sounds lame however pls take good care of urself ya

Livingmonolith said...


let's just say our work covers many areas in M'sia these days. sounds fun but in reality, it's kinda tiring to be sitting in the car all day long.


got down with sorethroat but recovered quickly with medication from my in-house pharmacist.:)