Friday, August 15, 2008

26 and counting...

26 days since I last have an off-day.

21 days more to go before my next day off.


6 colleagues have gone down with illness and took MCs in the past fortnight and I'm still feeling relatively healthy (or at least that's what my brain is telling me).

Come on, 3 weeks to go, I know I can make it...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

my first nuffnang ringgit...

After about like, 2-3 months putting Nuffnang's ad in my blog, I finally registered the first ringgit earned through CTR!

Okay, so it's only RM1, but then again, my blog is finally making money for me. Although it's only enough to buy me a glass of herbal tea in a chinese kopitiam, I'm optimistic that somewhere in the near future I'll be able to withdraw my first official 'pay' from Nuffnang once I hit RM50, so I guess I have a good reason to continue blogging well.

On another note, went to the tailor yesterday to make myself a matching suit and trousers for my brother's wedding end of the year. I'm gonna be like, RM900 poorer before end of the month, but on the other hand, I guess I have got my dress code ready for the many wedding invitations starting from next month. Hmm, minus my brother's, there like one, two, three, FOUR weddings I'll be attending from next month onwards till next February.

I can actually FEEL that age is finally catching up.

Friday, August 08, 2008

can't wait for the new season to start...

It's 12.30 on a Friday afternoon and I'm blogging during my lunchtime. How sad is that? Anyway, it's been too hectic lately and I seriously need some time off work.

Back to the title, the Barclays Premier League will begin in a short several weeks' time, and to liven things up, I'm engaging the polls by Nuffnang for the first time in my blog, 'where will Liverpool Football Club end up this coming season?'

Rafa Benitez has acquired quite a decent number of players in Andrea Dossena (jersey No. 2), Philip Degen (27), Robbie Keane (7), David Ngog (24) and Diego Cavalieri (1), while Harry Kewell and Peter Crouch were the only notable departures during the pre-season, while Leto leaves for Olympiakos on a season-long loan.

Possibly more signings as well, Gareth Barry's transfer saga looks to be concluding soon, but it may signal the end of the Anfield road for a few reds, sacrificed to fund the likely Barry transfer.

On top of that, watching the friendlies so far, several youngsters have been showing promising displays with the likes of Daniel Pacheco, Stephen Darby, Jay Spearing, Emiliano Insua, Damien Plessis and Krisztian Nemeth grabbing some spotlights when the regulars were rested.

While Chelsea signed several top class players, Man Utd and Arsenal don't seem to be very active in the transfer window this time around, although make no mistakes the teams are still filled with quality in every position.

Perhaps this will be Rafa Benitez's make or break season, but how well will he do, and where will he bring Liverpool, up or down?

Thursday, August 07, 2008

18 days and counting...

It is now officially 18 days since my last off-day. 30 days to go before I get to have another off-day.

Dang. Feels like my productivity rate has plummeted drastically in the past week.

And I now can't tell the days of the week because everyday feels the same.

This is not good.

Sunday, August 03, 2008


All my off-days for the month of August had been frozen, so I'll be working 7 days/week for the next few weeks. Don't be surprised to see less of me online these days, it's going to be all work, work and work only to look forward to at the time being.

Plus overtime too.

I'm getting easily irritated recently, too stressed and lacking adequate sleep. Life, at this moment, sucks to the max.