Thursday, December 30, 2004

Party cancelled

PM announced that all new year celebrations to be cancelled to go into mourning for the tragic tsunami incident. So we're cancelling the party.

Nope, I'm kidding. Seriously, it's gonna a get-together for some of us who haven't met for a long long time, so I don't think it's really nice to scrap the idea now. Besides, we're not even celebrating with champagne or stuff. Just a simple dinner with old friends.

But my heart is still with those who have lost loved ones last Sunday, no doubt. May the darkest days soon be over. For those of you who believe in God, may God bless you. I'm quoting this from a friend, "When God gives you an obstacle, He knows you can take it." Nicely said.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Aloha everyone...

I'm just trying to post here in my faculty's computer lab and see if it works. I won't be able to confirm though cuz I can't log into my blog, I only get access to my account.

So, it's 'that' time of the year again. New Year's Eve celebration and a party, woohoo!! Ok, I don't wanna sound all hyped up; just had a test, and there's another one tommorrow. But ditching the academical worries aside, this year we won't be doing barbeque like the previous years. I'm thinking of western food still, as in spaghetti ala carbonara, grilled chicken wings, garlic bread, coleslaw and lemon lime bitter cocktail, all which I've just learned recently! Now, let me assure you that I've tried making them before, and they don't suck. So Nic, wipe that stupid smirk off your face, okay? Dude, you should have some confident in my cooking, I've won the cooking competition before after all.

I don't think the menu's gonna fill up you bunch of monsters' stomachs, so please help figure out something that I can cook and give me a call, ok? Till then, have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Friday, December 24, 2004

Merry Christmas...

Dear Santa,

I've been a very good boy this year, so you'd better be granting my Christmas wishes this time. For this Christmas, I hope to get a streamyx line so I no longer have to come to these pathetic cybercafes to surf the net. These crazy kids (I think most of them are less than 10 years old) beside me are watching the clip of the american who was beheaded a few months back. Sick children. And people wonder why there are so much violence in our society. They are cheering with joy when the guy's head fall off. I also wish that some company will accept me for the industrial training which I have been applying for the past 6 months. Any company will do. I am pathetically desperate now and if I don't get any training I won't be able to finish my degree in time. This is one sad Christmas.

To be honest, Christmas has never been my favourite festive season. I don't know why, but I always have this lonely feeling whenever this time of the year arrives. Probably because most of my close friends will be celebrating with their loved ones (family, girlfriends, boyfriends, gay partners, lesbian lovers, you get the picture) or busy attending church services or getting mobbed in Bintang Walk or not in the country. Meanwhile, my family will always be having plans for Christmas, but somehow I'm never part of it. But I won't be having much time to dwell since I have to prepare for my midsem tests next week. Now that's something to look forward to.

Anyway, my relationship with my coursemates is getting better, fortunately. We've had a couple of football games together (it's a wonder really, to know that they actually know how to play) and agreed to make it a weekly thing. There's also talks of forming a biotech club and steamboat gatherings. Life in university is finally looking, well, alive. I'm having my fingers crossed.

So what's with the latest news in blogsphere? People I know don't seem to blog anymore, I wonder why. Really hope to hear from you guys. Keep in touch buddies.

I really got to go now, the gory video clip these kids beside me are playing makes me wanna puke.

But all those aside, have a MERRY CHRISTMAS my friends. May the new year be a wonderful one for each and everyone of you.

Friday, December 10, 2004

back and blogging temporarily

And I'm back again. Nothing much happened in the past couple of weeks, but I guess I can crap a whole load of shit if I put in some effort. And yeah, I'm blogging in a crowdy cybercafe again.

Went to this event on Tuesday, alone, cuz my coursemates who were performing in it insisted. I reluctantly agreed (only because I am such a gentleman, and not the flirtacious bastard as rumoured) and thought it might be a great way to relax after my first test of the semester- which by the way I'm in the third week of my new sem.

It's pretty much ho-hum throughout the performance, partly because I'm not really interested in classical dances, and also because there's this forum on homosexuality going on back in my former college which I wanted to attend. No, I'm not interested in homosexuality, it's just that Baby Betty (the infamous transexual who was a former resident in the college and arguably the prettiest one around, which is kinda sad, really) was rumoured to be making a guest appearance. Anyway, the classical dance performance wasn't all that bad. I sorta like the lotus pond thing where the dancers moved as though they were on rollers, and the second part which portrays the chinese ancestors' village life. Nice touch in the dance where they performed as villagers harvesting paddy fields and how men and women fall in love in a sampan-rowing scene (I love the way they moved in synchrony like they were really on sampans). Other than that, I couldn't decipher what the choreographer was trying to express in the other lotus dances and the silk road dances. All I can see was dancers dressed up like bamboos, umbrellas and grasshoppers running across stage without purpose. Well, you can't ask a lot, right?

So back to studies, we're supposed to be making the online confirmation of our subject registration these couple of days, but the lastest mess-up in the server created havoc around campus. Those who did the confirmation online on Wednesday had their credit hours deducted for no apparent reason, and undergrads were left with 10, 8, even 6 credit hours for the semester. What a screw up. Lucky me for being in lecture halls that time, I could've been one of those victims, hahahaha... But it's not all bad news, at least a cute junior from my former college came up to me to seek help. Funny situation, because I don't even know her, and it's real flattering that she knows who I am in the first place, muahahaha... Maybe I should've asked for her name and hp number. Wait. No, I SHOULD have asked for her name and number. Damn...

Other than that, my results came out already, and I did 'somewhat well' in the last sem, but with an obvious drop in CGPA (Cumulative Grades Point Average). A GPA of 3.33, and now 3.56 in CGPA. Out from the first class (3.70 and above) now. No more sleepless nights worrying how to maintain my grades. It is good news to me if the rest of my coursemates ain't getting 4 flat (4.00 GPA), but unfortunately they do. This is insane. I am now officially the only biotech undergrad who has never been in the Dean's List, and doomed to be the only biotech class of 03/04 undergrad to NOT obtain a first class CGPA.

The only thing that makes me feel good about myself is that I'm surrounded by a bunch of pathetic schoolboys with no lives playing stupid online games in the cybercafe. These kids are so gonna mess up their futures, wahahahahaha...

And last but not least, MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of you. I know, it's too early, but I may not be around for the next few weeks, so what the heck.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

i'm back...

Sorry for the lengthy disappearance. Funny story. I was walking home from the shop lots somewhere near my home a couple of weeks ago when suddenly there was this bright flash of light. I tried to look at the direction of the light source and it blinded me unconscious. I suppose I fainted or something, cuz the next thing I know I'm tied up in an operation table. I was really freaked out and somewhat pissed off, cuz I'm supposed to get online to register my subjects for the coming semester in these few days. It was then a couple of weird looking 'men' walked in and talked in some gibberish sound, I can't figure out the language they were interacting in. It was only when they walked closer that I noticed that they weren't human at all! Big bulging eyes, no ears, huge head, small body with three fingers on each hand. That totally scared the hell out of me. I yelled for help but to no avail. I assume I'm stucked in an alien aircraft or some crap like that. The two alien lifeforms then spoke again in their stupid language with a little french accent and then proceeded to take a brazilian knife before coming closer to me. I was so scared I gathered all my strength and amazingly, broke free from the latches of the operation table. I stood up and shouted,"With the powers of the great Panelopia, I summon thee to break loose and burn the world to hell! With the blessed curses that befall thee, rise and shine!". A red dragon with spiked back emerged from a spiral teleportal hole breathing fire and dashed towards the two bloody aliens. I can see from their big bulging eyes that they were so afraid because their eyes were filled with tears and they couldn't blink cuz they had no eyelids.

Ok, fine. I'm lying. I just moved and my new home has no phone line or streamyx, so I can't surf the net. And the computers in my faculty blocked access to dumb websites like this one, so I haven't been updating it for quite a while. I am now in a stupid cyber cafe with pathetic useless teenagers playing dumb games like ragnarok, and everyone are shouting out cusses loud because the speakers are damn noisy. Kids nowadays are hopeless.

Don't expect me to blog again anytime soon. Tata...

Sunday, November 07, 2004


Isn't it annoying idiotic Friendster users keep forwarding stupid bulletins? I hate it when I log in and all these pathetic bulletins clog your page. You must be kidding me, don't people have better things to do in this world? Your testimonials aren't food, you can survive without them, morons...

I took the liberty to edit a little bit of the content in the forwarded bulletins and re-forwarded it.
Important = Reason Why testimonials were erased

Friendster deleted because of the sudden rush of people forwarding bulletins in Friendster, it has come to our attention that we are vastly running out off resources.
So, within a month's time,anyone who does not receive this BULLETIN with the exact subjectheading,will remain in our server. Please forward this BULLETIN so that we know you are still abusing this account.
WARNING WARNING We want to find out which losers are actually using their Friendster accounts to forward useless bulletins. So if you are abusing your account, please pass this e-mail to every Spamster user that you can and
IF YOU DO NOT PASS this letter to anyone we will throw you a party.
From Mr. Wa La La

Spamster Toilet Accesories Dept.
Our Friendster system is getting too crowded!!We need you to forward this so we can delete you...
Copy, paste in new bulletin not messages.

I bet everyone will start forwarding this bulletin, muahahahahahaha!!!! (evil laugh)

idiot of the day

I hate Uriah Rennie. The dumb referee who won't give a penalty when Muzzy Izzet cleared the ball off the line with his arm. He's either blind, or he thinks he's refereeing a handball match. Either way, he still has a vase for a brain. I lost count of how many clear penalties Liverpool had been denied this season. CONSPIRACY!!!

Saturday, November 06, 2004

of bad role models...

Back in secondary school, I never really had any respects for the teachers, apart from several who played important roles in shaping the person I am today. The reason?

When I was still in Form 6, this conversation (or something like this, I can't remember very well the exact words) took place:

YY: Jason, do you mind driving me over to AAA plaza after meeting today?
Me: What for?
YY: I accidentally bumped into the back of a car a few days ago in the school's car park. The owner wasn't there, so I left a note with my mobile phone number so that he could look for me to claim the cost of the damage done. Turns out he's working in that plaza.

YY was a year my junior back in secondary school.

I didn't hesitate to drive him there. Honestly, I respect him for doing that, considering a lot of people would've left without giving a damn about the stranger's car. This shows how much moral and discipline is instilled among students in my school. But one thing for sure, the teachers didn't play any role in this. Let me recall an incident told by Ah Si.

He parked his car at the car lot beside the swimming pool which directly faces the school quadrangle one day after school. He was sitting inside his car when he saw a teacher reversing her car into a parking space when she bumped and wrecked another car's headlight. The teacher stopped her car, got off her vehicle, took a look at the stranger's car, looked around, and left. Just like that! Nothing else. None. Zero. Zilch. She clearly didn't notice Ah Si was still in his car watching the whole thing from start to end. Now tell me if teachers like that deserve any respect. Screw her, I hope she dies of anorexia bullimia.

Ah Si then went over the the unknown owner's car and left a note with that teacher's contact number and name (smart move, eh?).

Of course, that is not the only reason why I don't respect the teachers. There's also teachers who stole the school's fund *cough RM30,000 cough* and others but I don't think it's appropriate to post it here now cuz I can go on and on about the whole thing. Maybe next time. Or maybe I'll just leave it to Nic to say something, I'm sure he has a lot to talk about, right, my friend?

Thursday, November 04, 2004

allow me to bitch for a moment

I am so dead tired. My life for the past couple of weeks only revolves around mopping and sweeping the bloody floor, vacuuming, assembling bedframes and wardrobes, feed the hamster, take shower, eat, shit, sleep, lodging stuffs, trashing old books, yelling at people, cleaning the windowpanes, complain, clean up the kennel, surf the net, wash the toilets, brush my teeth, comb my hair, massage my legs and back, eating panadols, watch football, etc etc. This sucks. I'm supposed to be on HOLIDAY FOR PETE'S SAKE!!! Can't anyone let me have a proper day off damnit?!

I swear if I am to stay with my siblings for another couple of years, I'm gonna turn psychotic. I just came back after shifting my sister's furnitures from Ikea and assembling them, and guess what my sister is doing now? She's watching a bloody movie in Midvalley with her boyfriend! And right before I switch on this computer, I was in the living room packing my brother's old books and trash. And he's out having supper with his friends! What the hell?! So now I don't have a life, do I? You guys come up with all sorts of mess and I have to clean them up? And why the hell am I the only one who has to mop, sweep and vacuum the floor for the last 2 weeks, while you guys go there and shake your useless legs? Gimme a break and start learning how to do something other than being rubbish!

If there is indeed a God in this world, please bless me with ultimate patience to tolerate them. Because if you give me strength I swear I'll beat them into pulp.

Four more days, be patient, four more bloody days...

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

yadda yadda yadda...

This is the comment I posted in Nic's blog, with no apparent logic.

Livingmonolith said...
hey, try this: add 2 cups of coke with 1/2 a cup of seven up. then add a pinch of salt. next, put 2 tablespoon of chicken rendang curry followed by 2 cups of dairy milk. tear an A4 paper into 14 pieces and throw them into the mixture and let it blend. next, take 2 plates and drop them onto the floor until they break. take the broom and sweep the floor clean. then filter your mixture and boil it from 1 bowl into 3 bowls of liquid. keep the fire steady and remember to put the pot's lid in the livingroom while you're boiling it.

p/s: if you're still alive after drinking it, contact me.
3:03 PM

You know, once in a while, I tend to do or say something ridiculous just for the sake of it. I don't know, maybe I'm just too much of a depressed jumbo mumbo complicated rascal with some refridgerator for a brain. I swear I don't know what the last sentence meant. Whatever. Well, with my kind of life, sometimes you need this kind of humour to keep yourself sane and know you're still inhaling oxygen.

Yeah, I know I crap a lot, forgive me for doing so, because I believe you'd rather have a crappy friend than have a big tree as a friend, right? Hahaha... cheers and be thankful of everything in life, my friends. Life's pretty ok so far, ain't it? It's wonderful to feel alive, so instead of mumbling and rambling of shortcomings in life, let us celebrate for the fact that we are still alive. Salvage the moment and BE ALIVE!!!

p/s: I am not drunk.

Sunday, October 31, 2004

my all-time favourites...

I've sorted out some of my favourite songs and made a list of ten which I concluded as the best I've ever heard. It's hard to decide really, but I'm kinda satisfied with my final picks. Below are the songs I consider the greatest hits (with no preference order).
  • 'Sing A Love Song For Me' by Yamaguchi Yuko (theme song of 'Beach Boys')
  • 'Smooth Criminal' by Michael Jackson (cool music video, don't you think?)
  • 'That's Why (You Go Away)' by Michael Learns To Rock
  • 'Hoi Fut Tin Hung' (Wide Sea Clear Sky) by Beyond
  • 'Iris' by Goo Goo Dolls
  • 'Heal The World' by Michael Jackson
  • 'Sai Kai Wui Pin Tak Hen Mei' (The World Will Become Very Beautiful) by Grasshopper
  • 'Secret Garden' by Bruce Springsteen
  • 'Heong Chuen Sai Kai Suet Ngo Ngoi Lei' (Telling The World I Love You) by Andy Hui
  • 'Melodies Of Life' English version by Emiko Shiratori (theme song of 'Final Fantasy 9')

Yeah, yeah, it's not all that great but hey they're my favourites. At least I have favourites. What do you have?

that has to hurt...

Just finished watching the Blackburn-Liverpool game which ended 2-2. Nothing special, aside from the horror broken leg of Djibril Cisse.

When I saw the replay, it looked so terrible that I cringed. His leg left was so evidently broken it's like an old branch hanging on the tree. Ouch. That, I believe, will leave him out for the rest of the season.

I thought the commentators during halftime were kinda sadistic. When you watch the replay once, you can already imagine how painful it was. But they kept playing the replays as if it's the contender for the goal of the season. Sick men.

After the accidental injury, I totally lost interest in the game. I wasn't too bothered with the outcome of the match. However, I did watch until the final whistle. It was a game full of bad tackles and ugly plays with nothing else commendable.

It's definitely an eventful match for Blackburn's James McEveley, who ironically just came back into the side after a lengthy injury lay-off. Fell awkwardly over Cisse which caused that horrifying accident, and a stupid free kick which led to Baros' equalizer.

The curse of Ewood Park strikes again. You'll never leave this ground without broken legs.

Friday, October 29, 2004

of football...

It's so damn hilarious to read what P. C. Wan wrote in The Star's fan column today. I immediately thought of blogging about this but it looks like I'm not the only one doing so. Another blogger wrote something too earlier.

Since Sashi-isms has already made a remark regarding Rio Ferdinand's foul on Ljungberg, I think I'm gonna skip that part. But still I find P. C. Wan's letter not really convincing in many other ways.

"As for that “controversial” penalty, Rooney should be commended as the experienced Campbell would not have recklessly stretched out his left foot if not for Rooney's brilliant ball control."

I'm sorry, but you don't award penalties for an individual's brilliant ball control. You can give him a bottle of champagne, a trophy, a bonus, a prostitute (he's no longer underage, right?), but not a penalty. The way P. C. Wan puts it, Zizou should get an average of 15 penalties a week. I'm not saying it's not a penalty, I myself is in doubt as well. But Mike Riley decided that it was a foul, and he's the referee, so there you have it, a penalty.

"And was there anything wrong with Ruud’s tackle on Ashley Cole which was a legal yet full-blooded challenge as both players collided when they went for the 50-50 ball?"

It's fine when you go for a 50-50 ball, but it's illegal when you go for opposition player's shin. If you look at the replay again, Ruud did not even get the ball. And talking about going for the ball, wasn't Campbell doing that too when he conceded the penalty? I believe it was 50-50 too at that time, only Campbell did not get the ball. So I assume P. C. Wan was saying it was a legal challenge and therefore shouldn't be a penalty.

Among others, I feel that Reyes was forced out from the pitch because of constant tackles on him. Clearly he was a threat and it seemed like a good tactic to get him out of the match.

However, I also think that Wenger bullshits a lot. He's so damn certain that Ruud and Rooney are cheats and Man Utd lost the spirit of the game, yet he didn't know anything about the pizza. He can only seek faults in others while his team can do no wrong.

A note to those who don't know me, I'm actually a Liverpool fan, so it's natural for me to have a go at both teams. Yeah, I'm embarassed too about the hooliganism that happened at the Den on wednesday. Sometimes stupid fans (I'm not talking about you, P. C. Wan) tarnish the beauty of football.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

10 reasons why having a Kelisa is better than having a girlfriend

1. Girlfriends nag you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. Kelisa never nags.

2. Girlfriends go through emotional changes every 30 minutes. Kelisa is cool at all times.

3. Girlfriends get bitchy when they menstruate and that happens every 28 days. Kelisa can't even say 'menstruate'.

4. Girlfriends check on you day and night and go through your text messages. Kelisa gives you total privacy.

5. Girlfriends need to be taken care of when they fall ill. Kelisa only needs to be taken to the workshop every 3 months.

6. Girlfriends need to be taken out for lunch, dinner, or whatever that burns a hole in your pocket. Kelisa needs to be refilled fortnightly.

7. Girlfriends need plenty of attention. Kelisa can be left out in the streets.

8. Girlfriends can ditch you. Kelisa can only be ditched by you.

9. Girlfriends slap you when you try to get on her. Kelisa opens up wide when you get on her.

10. Do you really need ten reasons? It's already pretty obvious isn't it? Besides, I'm too tired to think of another reason.

So people stop telling me to get a girlfriend already. Go get a life and mind your own business.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Characters Glossary

Over the years many individuals have crossed paths in my life, some leaving memorable footprints that can't be described with words. That is why I am compiling this characters glossary in my blog, just in case there is a need for reference in the future. And also, a tribute to family and friends (probably foes too).

Ah Si (Shit)
Real name : Zi Hui
Description : One of my best friends. A loyal friend with great character. I can still remember him bravely accepting the responsibilities (even though it's not his fault) over a police case where a junior was beaten up so that the school's and the students' reputations remain untarnished. Don't find a lot of people like him, eh? Currently pursuing a degree in Biotechnology in Australia.

Ah Su Di Di (Little Brother Su)
Real name : Kian Su
Description : My room mate back in Second Residential College. Great mind, a four flat undergraduate in university. Rarely out participating college activities, but always hanging out with us mamaking. A worrywart and meticulous man. Also known as Ah Su. Currently doing Mechanical Engineering in University of Malaya.

Real name : James Ang
Description : Among the best friends of mine. Fellow scout, fellow troop leader, fellow Victorian. Born leader, weird sense of humour, big ego, even bigger heart. Also known as Chee Syn (crazy) or Sotong. Currently studying Mechanical Engineering in Australia in the same university with Ah Si.

Real name : Jacky
Description: Another best friend of mine, although I do admit we are the furthest apart among our circle of good friends. Mainly due to our constant disagreements in our perspectives. Probably because he's an avid MU fan and I'm a Liverpudlian. But still, we share great history together and I can only remember too well what he has done for me. Also known as Jackos, but most of the time answers to his real name. Currently studying to be a lawyer in Kemayan ATC.

Real name : Chee Kiong
Description : My DTop floor mate. The nicest guy in college. Perfect gentleman, nice personality, doesn't even say 'shit'. Firm believer in study hard, work hard. Quiet but helpful. Also known as Ah Liang. Currently pursuing a degree in Pharmacy in University of Malaya.

Real name : Cheng
Description : A nice guy with good looks. Always the object of cruel jokes from Lim and Kuhon. Rarely retaliate, and good-tempered. Basketball star in secondary school. Also known as Kuli (Labour). Currently doing Food Tech in UMS, Sabah.

Choy Yee
Real name : Choy Yee
Description : A close friend I got to know in Form 6. Cheerful personality, fun and a talented singer. Even has a band of her own called Between the Lines (BTL). Always willing to help, spreads happiness and enthuatism to others around her. Also known as Lavender. Currently studying E & E Engineering in Uniten.

Real name : Dad
Description : Workaholic. Works seven days a week, 12 hours a day. Has big ego, but deserves that for his achievements. Always reminding me to keep my feet on the ground. Most of our conversations revolve around our family business only.

Real name : Daniel
Description : A pure banana. Doesn't understand Chinese despite attempting to for a long time. Good in studies, dedicated in his projects, plans well. The current Director of GACC World Inter-Varsity Chess Championship. Currently doing Pharmacy in University of Malaya.

Real name : Janet
Description : Tomboy friend of mine from Form 6. Used to be my fiercest foe because of some misunderstanding (regarding her brother) but fate has it that I was placed beside her in the bus for a trip, and we talked things out over the long journey. Eventually became one of the very few close girl friends that I have and we now keep in touch via mail the old way. Currently studying Applied Chemistry in University Malaysia Sarawak (UMS).

Real name : Joshua
Description : A primary schoolmate who came to my school's Form 6. Of mixed Portuguese-Chinese parentage. Bold, tough-talking and unafraid to speak what's in his mind. Caring towards those he considers as friends, and has sixth sense. Also known as Josh to some. Currently in UMS, Sabah.

Real name : Kam
Description : Probably my best friend among all. Great personality, short-tempered, intellectual, and dare to try. It's amazing how he can spend so much time with his friends, yet still excel in studies, among other achievements in his life. Always backing friends up in anything, and listens to their problems. Also known as Tomato or Kambing. Currently doing Civil Engineering in University of Canterbury, New Zealand.

Kok Weng
Real name : Kok Weng
Description : Fellow hostel mate from the residential college. Basketball star of the college and varsity. Has great determination and nice personality. I remember him knocking on my door every night before each paper to ask questions and translations. Recently elected as one of the college's chinese community representative. Currently doing Biochemistry in University of Malaya.

Kuhon (Stingy)
Real name : Law
Description : Like his namesake, very stingy. And extremely rich. Great friend, always hang out together when he's back from overseas, going mamaking or whatever activities we can think of. An Arsenal fan. Likes poking fun at people and has weird sense of humour. Currently pursuing a degree in Engineering in Australia.

Real name : Lim
Description : Master of bullshit, incredible sarcasm and witty. Self-proclaimed handsome man (I beg to differ) and skilled in basketball and football. Funny and enjoys jokes, taking life easy and carefree. Fellow Liverpool fan. Also known as Kuduk (Loner). Currently studying Aeronautical Engineering in UTM.

Liu Pin (Pampers?)
Real name : Eu Pinn
Description : CNN network in the class back in secondary school. No gossips can pass by his sensitive ears. Funny, quiet and overall a nice gentleman. Currently doing Accountancy in TAR College.

Real name : Loo
Description : A secondary school friend. Fellow scout until end of Form 3. I remember him calling me to apologize for his resignation from the troop (which wasn't even a fault, honestly). Smart guy, among the top scorers in the school in SPM. Rarely keep in touch, and only got connected recently through blogging. Also known as Hangedman. Currently studying in US.

Real name : Unknown
Description : Public enemy number one in my faculty. Likes kissing lecturers' asses and is the self-elected student representative. Rumours has it that he's a four flat undergraduate, although that is not really an excuse to be a shithead. Also known as Bastard, Shithead, Idiot, Moron or Irritating Guy. Currently majoring in Genetics and Molecular Biology in University of Malaya.

Real name : Mom
Description : A dedicated mother and has absolute trust in me. Never held me back when I stepping up, and always supporting me when I'm falling down. Gave me extra freedom compared to my siblings, and therefore I try to repay her faith by living my life in the best way I can.

Real name : Nicholas
Description : Also among my best friends. Cool and calm, steady and quiet, charming and handsome, there's not a lot of people with these characteristics. Tends to ffk a lot, but it happens so frequently we no longer bother much, haha. Still, a great man nonetheless. Best in whatever he does. Also known as Ketot (an old nickname) or Nikoleau (only some calls him that). Currently doing Mechanical Engineering in Uniten.

Pao Ko
Real name : Cheong Kit
Decription : Funny guy with weird sense of humour. Study freak and has his own fan club in his faculty. Fellow Liverpool fan and occasionally meet up for drinks or football games. A worrywart and thrifty man. Don't ask me about his nickname, there's a long history. Currently doing Accountancy in University of Malaya.

Real name : Sasitaran
Description : A close friend in university. Came from the same secondary school, and ironically stayed in the same residential college. Ever helpful and a cool guy. My Tamil language teacher. Hanged out a lot with him while I was still in college. Also known as Sita (I'm the only one calling him that). Currently majoring in Ecology and Biodiversity in University of Malaya.

Real name : Undisclosed
Description : Corrupted teacher back in my secondary school. Took the school's fund and was caught by the Parents-Teachers Association. However, was not demoted nor fired, instead the principal decided to cover up for him. Pathetic and enjoys making students' lives miserable. Also known as *cough RM30,000 cough*, Bastard or Asshole. Currently still a teacher. Going to burn in hell soon.

Real name : Chi Yip
Description : Boy genious. Enrolled into my school in Form 4, instantly making headlines by scoring 100% in a chemistry test. First thing he does when he gets back to town is to look for old friends and reminiscence old times. Fun character and adventurous, a listener. Also known as Adrian. Currently doing Electrical Engineering in Cambridge (yes, 'that' Cambridge), UK.

Wui En
Real name : Wui En
Description : A good friend of mine in college. Moved out after one semester, but has moved back in during the second year. Many common interests, and worked well together with me in the GACC World Inter-Varsity Chess Championship in graphics and designs. We had also produced a short college movie together, and he's one computer pro. Currently studying Civil Engineering in University of Malaya.

This will be updated frequently, whenever I feel like doing so. If there is any mistakes or information left out, and if there's any who wants their particulars to be left out, please kindly inform me.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

work of picasso ;)

These are the remaining drawings still with me. I've done a lot more, but over the years the majority were either stolen or given to friends. Have a good time, I'll try to draw more this holiday. And yeah, I'm proud of it, so pardon me for my arrogance, hahaha...







busy busy holiday

The past few days were extremely hectic, I can barely survive.

On Saturday, the TAR college had a convocation (bloody college, how many convos do they have in a year?) and I helped part time, as in 12pm to 11pm. Left at that time because I wanted to go home and watch the Liverpool-Charlton match.

Spent the entire Sunday cleaning up my new house in Cheras, from 11am to 7pm.

Yesterday, I went to Ikea with my brother to shop for our rooms' furnitures. Got there at 12pm and finished purchasing at 5.30pm. Then went to the new house at night with my parents to clean up again because some furnitures were brought in in the afternoon. Got home around 11.30pm.

Tonight I'll need to reclean again since more furnitures are coming this noon, followed by my brother's and mine tomorrow. And since ours were purchased from Ikea, we need to assemble them ourselves.

And I haven't started on my industrial training application yet. Damn. Can someone please kill me now?

Saturday, October 23, 2004

of holidays and plans...

Three weeks aren't quite enough for me to enjoy and recharge my batteries after the exhausting finals. How am I gonna spend my holidays? Well, I have my 'want-to-do' and 'no-choice-but-must-do' lists.

'Want-to-do' List

  1. Go skydiving with Nic. There's a jump this weekend but Nic's preparing for his exams. Hopefully there's a programme in November. I've been waiting for this for ages.
  2. Get a handful of pictures of my new home in Cheras and post them in the blog.
  3. Play some PS2 RPG games and finish it before the new semester begins.
  4. Meet friends for occasional suppers and movies.
  5. Convince my parents to get me a notebook. I'm getting a bit fed up with my bro and sis wrecking the PC once every fortnight.
  6. Draw some comics to add up into my collection.

'No-choice-but-must-do' List

  1. Clean up the new home this sunday (man, this is gonna be tiresome) cuz we're moving in on the 8th next month.
  2. Settle my timetable for the new semester, and register my subjects on the 29th.
  3. Look for organizations for my industrial training next April.
  4. Work part time under my father's company to get some pocket money.
  5. Tolerate my siblings' attitudes for another 3 weeks.

By the way, watched 'Exorcist: The Beginning' last night with Pao Ko, Kam Fei and Tham (I haven't seen him for 4 years!). Not bad. The only disappointment is that I was watching it with a bunch of guys (damn...).

I would've posted the movie's poster here but unfortunately I can't do so. Right now I'm using my bro's old crappy laptop (which takes 5 minutes to load a page, has disabled cd-rom and floppy drive, a mouse which can't scroll vertically, doesn't have a battery pack, monitor screen goes blank every 20 minutes, and complete with outdated programmes because I can't install new ones since the cd-rom's screwed) because my sister wrecked the PC again today. This is the 4th time the PC got knocked down in the last month. Patience, patience...

Friday, October 22, 2004

of rotten apples and stuff...

I really don't understand why people like using the phrase 'a rotten apple doesn't mean the entire basket's spoilt'.

Now, if you want to know, a rotten apple does spoil the entire basket of apples, or whatever fruits you put the rotten apple together. To study this, first we need to know what are the processes that make an apple rot.

As we all know, an apple can only start rotting after it has ripen. An unripe apple will not rot. So what makes an apple ripe? The synthesis of a plant hormone called ethylene. This hormone is called so because it has the same chemical structure as the natural two-carbon hydrocarbon, and it was already discovered that ethylene can trigger many processes in plants, and fruit ripening is one of them.

A fruit is considered ripe when it has soften, changed colours and produced a unique flavour. All these are initiated by another plant hormone called auxin. These changes occur when the auxin occupies the ethylene receptor in the plant (however, the specific site is yet to be identified) which leads to the synthesis of ethylene. The production of ethylene, in turn, switches on a few genes in the plant that triggers the production of several speific enzymes through various levels of transcription and translation of amino acids. It is the activities of these enzymes that naturally leads to fruit rotting.

To give an example, the enzyme cellulase will break down the cell walls in the fruit (which is made of cellulose) and causes the fruit to soften. When too many cell walls are broken down, the fruit will eventually rot after a short timespan.

And as for this discussion, when you put a rotten apple together with normal ripe apples, or even unripe apples (which is usually the case because fruits are plucked when they are still unripe so that they will reach the market just in time for the ripening process), the synthesis of ethylene in that particular rotten apple will subsequently result in a mass production of ethylene in the basket. When this happens, the entire basket of apples will definitely rot in a short while, turning unripe apples into ripe ones, and ripe ones into rotten ones.

So what I'm trying to say here is I've finished my finals and I'm back blogging and pissing off people. Enjoy the crap above and have a nice day.

Saturday, October 16, 2004

of reality tv shows...

I hate reality tv shows.

I have never been a keen fan of any reality shows. I find them really fake. Ok, so the casts didn’t really manage to fake it, but I don’t like the way the editor cut it to make it so dramatic. As if our own lives aren’t dramatic enough. Now we have to endure these soap operas. Sheesh…

For the past weeks, I’ve been following a reality tv show ‘For Love or Money 3' (old, but they’re only recently aired on Star TV, and I was killing time anyway). Go ahead and laugh all you want. Try sitting here with not a thing to do and see if you’ll have any better ideas. On really dull days, I’ll just grab the remote and watch anything, even documentary shows of elephants getting drunk.

For sure the casts are in the show because of the money, besides getting famous and stuff. I don’t believe you get into a reality show to find ‘true love’. How lame is that? If you tell me I have a chance to win a million bucks or a dream guy (or dream girl in my case), I’ll definitely go for the hard cash. But these shows don’t end that way, do they? It’s always the fairy-tale happy ending. The guy chooses the girl, the girl chooses the girl, the blank cheque’s revealed to be a million bucks, they don’t give a damn, the end.

If you ask me, it’s a fantastic way to make money (as a producer). Anyone can make a reality tv show.

1. Get a line-up of some good looking casts (some hunky dudes and pretty babes).
2. Add some average-looking casts. This is to ensure the audience to think there’s no discrimination. Make sure the number is less that the good looking ones though.
3. Pick a good goal. For instance, do you want the casts to be fighting for love, the cash, or glory? Say you want them to achieve true love, so develop the show according to this goal.
4. Now that you have the storyline, include some unexpected twists. Developing relationships would be a common plot. Make the girls bitch. Get the guys jealous. Whatever you want, just make sure there’s a lot of yelling and cussing.
5. A reality show won’t be complete without the elimination. So figure out how you eliminate participants. Audience votes, random losers picked, whatever.
6. Now vote off all the ugly…umm, I mean physically unattractive, ones first. But always leave a couple of them behind, cuz they make good supporting casts. They don’t win of course. They never do.
7. Scenes you should include (a lot) are girls in bikinis and guys showing their abs. Don’t care even if your show’s about winning a dream job as a kindergarten teacher, just make sure there’s some flesh to satisfy the horny audience.
8. Make sure there’s always an evil participant in your show. This devil must remain in the show until the final 4, at least.
9. The last one standing must be everyone’s favorite. Do your homework before deciding who the winner is, and make sure the ending is NOT unexpected.
10. Finally, sign up a contract with Playboy to ensure that you receive cash revenues if they approach your participants to pose naked for them after the show ends.

There you have it, a money-making reality tv show of your own. Now go get your lazy ass off the chair and do something useful. And stop bitching.

Friday, October 08, 2004

do you have what it takes to enter the top?

'do you have what it takes to enter the top?'

I find the phrase kinda catchy. DTOP is actually the name of my floor (D block, top floor) given by the Second Residential College. There's also ETOP, but no other floors have much publicity compared to ours, since we were famously known for our creative productions (like this poster) of graphic animations and video clips. Besides, us DTOP gang (juniors, that is) hang out together most of the time unlike most floors where you can't even tell who lives next door. Only 4 remained in college in the second year, all whom migrated to D300 (3rd floor), which is now known as the notorious Tong Yan Kai (Chinese Street) where 80% of its residents are chinese. And the DTOP legacy disappears together with that.

I guess I won't be updating this blog for a while, my finals are coming up soon starting from next monday till 21st. Go nuts, but be nice.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

100 things about me

It took me a whole month to compile this list. Have fun!

1. I’m born and raised in Kuala Lumpur my entire life.
2. Despite being a Chinese, and look like one too, I have came across more than a dozen of people who assumed that I’m from a different race. Or from another country.
3. I am a Cancer. I don’t read much about astrology though.
4. I am an Atheist, which means I do not believe in God’s existence. Don’t convince me to.
5. I speak fluent Cantonese, English, Malay and Bullshit. I’m Hokkien, but I do not understand a word of my mother tongue language.
6. I’m really into sports. To date, I’ve had my hands on basketball, football, indoor soccer, table tennis, tennis, bowling, softball, baseball, squash, water polo, badminton, volleyball, sepak takraw, hockey, handball, rugby, and many more that I can’t recall. Not pro in any of them, but I’d like to think that I’m decently good.
7. I also fancy drawing a lot. I even dreamt of a career as a professional artist, but my secondary school teacher screwed me up, telling me I suck in art. I didn’t pursue my interest any further since, but I still draw occasionally.
8. My most treasured item is my collection of X-Men comic books I have been keeping since 1994. I had spent over thousands of ringgit on them and by now the value of my collection worth 5-digit figures. I have no intentions of selling them though.
9. The ever-popular myth about me being hydrophobia is actually untrue. I only prefer not to swim if given an option. However, it is a fact that I almost drowned in a swimming pool when I was younger, which explains the origin of the myth.
10. I rarely get injured. The only serious injuries I’ve had so far was a sprained ankle during a football match and torn leg muscles which was purposely inflicted (don’t ask). Other than that I’m perfectly healthy.
11. I’m a neat freak. I cannot stand piles of books on the floor or messed-up beds. I even arrange my notes accordingly in my bag.
12. I bite my fingernails when I’m too idle, too anxious, or when I have evil thoughts.
13. I only have one piercing on my body, which is on my left earlobe.
14. I have no tattoos and don’t plan to get any.
15. I believe that I somehow have a cerebral cortex that emits bioelectric pulses that raise my agility and reflexes to peak levels and initiate random telekinetic acts that cause probabilities to fall into place for me. Or when I’m not daydreaming, that would mean I believe I am blessed with luck.
16. When I was much younger, I took great interest in religion as a subject. I stayed in the library after school and read books on various religions; the prophets, holy wars, miracles. Somehow, it became the reason I choose not to believe in God’s existence now.
17. I have quite a complicated family tree. I officially have one father, two mothers (one deceased), three grandfathers (two deceased), and four grandmothers (two deceased). This is due to the fact that both my father and grandfather have second wives. However, both my stepmother and step-grandmother had passed away, succumbing to brain cancer. Coincidence?
18. I drive a Kelisa limited edition, silver with black top.
19. My dream car is Mazda 323f.
20. I major in Biotechnology, but only because I hate physics, chemistry and math.
21. I believe in karma. You get what you give. That is why I never pick up money from the ground and always help out others when they need assistance. But I also learn that this principle doesn’t apply to human these days.
22. Almost everyone that I know has had at least one conversation with me regarding my hair.
23. I think I have great hair.
24. I once believed in true love, but now I would trade it with a bag of chips anytime.
25. I care a lot about my reputation, but somehow it is now tarnished as most of my university mates think I smoke, drink and go clubbing regularly. And I do not.
26. I have difficulty trusting people, even my parents. This is probably caused by the fact that I have a complicated family relationship. I also stayed with my grandparents for 7 years and witnessed enough fights and quarrels that put my faith in anyone in doubt.
27. For someone who can’t trust anyone, I have an incredible great faith in myself.
28. I enjoy traveling. I took off with a friend on a road trip around Peninsular Malaysia in 2002 and went to Ipoh, Penang, Kota Bahru, Kuala Terengganu and Kuantan. The following year I went to Port Dickson, Tampin and Malacca Town. Before this I’ve been to Kota Kinabalu, Langkawi Island and Pangkor Island.
29. For a person who likes traveling, surprisingly the only country other than Malaysia I’ve been to is Singapore. My parents always come out with the most ridiculous reasons to object every time I propose to travel overseas.
30. I am close to being ambidextrous. Other than write, I can do any other stuffs comfortably with my left hand (I’m right-handed). My father doesn’t know which my preferred hand is.
31. I’m a nocturnal person. I tend to concentrate better at night. When I was staying in residential college, my roommate will wake me up when he goes to sleep at 12 am so I can start studying.
32. I don’t skip classes or lectures. It’s one of my principles.
33. I do not enjoy junk foods. That includes potato chips, ice-creams, sweets, chocolates or anything ‘junkie’.
34. I don’t know if my parents think I’m independent or they just don’t really care, but I’ve been away on a 3-day camping trip and they didn’t realize I was gone.
35. I hate boy bands/girl bands. I think they are a bunch of crap with no talent to make it big and they depend on their looks to succeed.
36. I have a fear of commitment. But maybe it is just because of the ‘trust’ factor.
37. I don’t eat a lot of vegetables. Or putting it in a proper way, I’m very picky with my meals, not just vegetables.
38. I never shop for clothes. I can’t shop. All the clothes in my wardrobe are bought by either my mother or my sister.
39. I can’t tolerate stupid people but I often feel that all those people surrounding me are stupid. I guess life’s like that.
40. I speak English with a slightly stricter tone (and without the Manglish slang), when I’m dead serious or mad.
41. I personally think that humor is the best defense mechanism. It’s my method to evade sensitive issues.
42. I do not have much of a temper. I rarely get angry.
43. I suffer from motion sickness. I cannot read anything when I’m traveling in a vehicle, especially when I’m in the backseat, or else you’ll likely find me squatting by the drain puking after the journey. It’s ok if I’m the one driving.
44. I prefer to keep my consciousness level at the top at all times, because I think I keep too much secrets and I can’t risk being not sober. This is one of the reasons why I do not consume alcoholic drinks.
45. I am a Liverpool Football Club supporter through and through.
46. Besides Liverpool, I used to follow NBA and NHL (ice hockey). I was a fan of Utah Jazz (NBA) and Colorado Avalanche (NHL), but now I no longer watch both sports.
47. I am a visual thinker. I convert my thoughts into images to understand them better, no kidding.
48. I have a habit of leaving exam hall before the time is up during examinations, when I’m allowed to do so.
49. I procrastinate all the time. But I never fail to pass up assignments on time.
50. I’m addicted to minesweeper. The game, not the real one.
51. I do not believe in ghosts, supernatural beings or anything superstitious.
52. I have the same blood type as my mother’s (A), and no one else in the family. I can only assume my mother carries IAIO genes, considering everyone else in the family have O-type.
53. My body produces natural Hepatitis B antibodies. This is a bit unusual as people usually need to take HepB injections to stimulate HepB antibody production, and I can’t remember having any kind of injections ever since I was 15 (tetanus shot). But the nurse said I’ll be fine.
54. I am a blood donor, and proud of it.
55. I don’t think I’m the most interesting person but interesting enough to be someone unique.
56. I believe that I am quite adaptable to pressure. Not only that, I think I work better under pressure. It’s one of my favorite excuses for doing last minute jobs.
57. My motto in life is “It doesn’t matter winning or losing just as long as you’re winning.” Some people think it doesn’t make sense, but I don’t care.
58. I think spaghetti is the best thing mankind has ever created.
59. I was addicted to black coffee when I was younger. I had to stop drinking after my dentist forced me to because my teeth were badly stained.
60. I’m fine with homosexuality, just as long as it doesn’t involve me.
61. I hate clowns. I think they’re scary and creepy, they lock up little kids in the basement, appear in nightmares trying to lure children into horrifying sewers, reappears every 30 years to haunt you and they all should be killed with silver darts. Yeah, I was freaked out with the movie “It”, plenty of sleepless nights after watching that movie.
62. I am left-footed. My right leg is as good as a carrot during football games.
63. No matter how busy I am at any day, I always take at least 30 minutes off to read the newspaper.
64. I read the newspaper from back to front.
65. Black and blue are my favorite colors. I hate pink and orange; you’ll never see me a piece of clothing with those colors.
66. For some time, I was afraid to head the ball in football games; after a friend took a shot so hard right into my face it looked like I received a headshot.
67. Strong-scented perfumes and colognes give me headaches.
68. I once walked over 200 kilometers from Batu Caves to Maran on a scouting expedition in 4 days. I have also climbed Mount Kinabalu, in celebration of the turn of the millennium back in 2000.
69. I think gender equality can never be achieved.
70. I am very self-centered. I think everything in this world revolves around me. I think most people are self-centered too, but they just don’t admit it.
71. I hold a blue belt in taekwondo. I stopped practicing after realizing it’s stupid to waste my Saturday evenings kicking dummies.
72. I am computer illiterate. I’m also not IT-savvy.
73. I am the only one in my family who can’t play any musical instruments. I guess I’m just not talented. Or I’m probably adopted.
74. I was forced to dye my hair once. It was during the long break after STPM, and my mother said I won’t have many opportunities to do it. I ended up with dark brown hair. I personally think Asians look more normal with natural hair colors. Besides, it’s bad for your hair.
75. I am quite short, only about 5 feet and 6 inches. People are lying when they said basketball can increase your height.
76. I find it easier to understand my hamster’s behaviour than women’s. Some things are just unexplainable.
77. I have been myopic ever since I was 10. Blame it on the television.
78. I have an elder brother and two younger sisters, all whom I do not communicate well with.
79. There are two extreme sports I would really like to experience but yet to have the chance to do so; bungee jumping and skydiving.
80. I like to judge people by their looks, because people judge me by my looks most of the time.
81. I am not allergic to anything. Ok, maybe idiots, but that’s all.
82. I prefer to keep my hair long because people can’t tell if I have just got up from sleep.
83. I dislike people who don’t have opinions of their own.
84. I can be a bitch if I want to, but most of the time it only happens when I feel provoked.
85. I will never date a person who smokes, if I ever date anyone.
86. I do not see myself as a romantic person. Everyone else think so too. I don’t read romantic novels and I fall asleep watching romantic movies.
87. I see a glass half empty, never half full. I like to see things from a negative point of view.
88. I always think I don’t get enough compliments for all that I’ve done.
89. I dip my fries into coke before I eat them. Don’t ask me why, I don’t know either. It’s a habit.
90. I’m generally a conservative driver. Unless I’m pissed or something like that.
91. I use the three dots punctuation (…) too much when sending messages via handphone or chatting online. I pick this up from my brother.
92. I can type text messages without looking at the numpad. It saved my life once.
93. I believe philosophers are people with no life and have too many questions. I seriously think they have too much time and should get a real job.
94. I freak out when friends who aren’t very close to me try to get me engaged in a private conversation.
95. I only play role-playing games. But then again, I seldom play video games.
96. I always think first before I talk. When I say something that upsets a person, I’m doing it on purpose.
97. I am someone who can forgive, but never forget.
98. I find joy in helping a person with that person not knowing it. It makes me feel like I’m a nice person.
99. My room doesn’t have a single photo of myself.
100. Believe it or not, I secretly wish for world peace.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

i support

with all the hypes now about jeff ooi and his blog, i think i should show a little support.

Monday, October 04, 2004

busy busy busy

damn it, i was fooling around with my camera when i accidentally took a shot of myself unshaved. i didn't realize i was so busy for the past couple of weeks, and i forgot to shave for the last 2 days (busy rushing to attend my classes and tests in the morning). no wonder i received some remarks from my coursemates saying i don't look too well, haha...

field trip to sg. siput

another field trip during the weekend, this time to sg. siput, perak. i would say this is a lot more fun compared to the previous trip, because it's not so much of a rush plus the farm looks exotic; it looks more like a tourism spot. took some pictures, but most of them are just the machines, farms, and animals, i guess no one's gonna be interested. but hey, i went there to learn, not fool around.

some of my coursemates posing for the photo. well, not exactly posing. i was trying to get a good scenery shot and they were in the way. from left to right: Mervyn, Kenneth, She Chyi, Meng Earn, Billy.

kiddy ostriches in the grazing box.

goats from the Saanan breed, good for milking. ; ) few of my coursemates bought a couple of bottles, it was said the milk is very nutritious and can heal asthma.

and finally, something enjoyable during the trip, a wonderful scenery at the farm. we ought to come for a picnic instead. i didn't get any pictures on the deers because they acted like asses and chewed off one of my coursemates' pen.

Friday, October 01, 2004


i am furious. bloody furious.

if you have gone through this post, you would've notice i got an A- while the majority of the class flopped. in this morning's class, the lecturer actually suggested to have another test, and exclude the previous results from the overall assessment.

now you tell me if you won't feel mad. i'm pretty sure some shitheads went to see the lecturer privately and proposed this ridiculous idea. i can't believe some people can be so selfish. it's enough that they screwed up their own lives, now they want everyone else to accompany them.

when you did not do well in your test, it's because you didn't prepare. when you didn't prepare, you should be expecting shit results. to obtain shit results and then propose something for redemption, is pure crap. you know how many percentage that test carries in the assessment, so do your homework. i didn't complain when i fluked my first test, i accepted that i didn't do enough back then, and the marks should be carried into my assessment to reflect my efforts. and now they're suggesting to drop the percentage which i did well and go for another midsem test, 5 days before the final examination begins. some even had the nerves to propose to have the test during the finals. smart ass.

i have a better suggestion. why not have it after our finals? and if you still screw up, then why don't we have another one next semester? or the best solution of all, why don't we sign a 70-year agreement with the rights to re-sit the test if you do poorly in every previous attempt, fixed with a free euro trip every 5 years, a life insurance contract, unlimited internet access for a life time, and a reserved right to alter contents in the agreement to your preference? that way, we'll all be enjoying the benefits, and everyone shall live happily ever after.

it's a wonder things like this can happen in universities. this is exactly the reason why i despise the quota system in my department. when undergraduates got in just to fill up the racial allocation, some will have difficulty coping as well as the others. and when these losers screw up, the others had to be dragged back so that the difference would not be as obvious. the losers have a second chance and everything to gain, and the rest have nothing but to lose. i pity the one who scored 90% for the test. all her efforts went down into the drain. gone. vanished. disappeared.

i give up. the country's education system is hopeless.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

monolith vs man-ape

whew, just got back from johor yesterday after an exhausting 2-day field trip. to sum it all up, i found that there wasn't anything to learn by visiting fish and shrimp farms, but i took it more as a trip to relax after a busy week filled with midsem tests and presentations.

the trip wasn't all nice and sweet, thanks to the presence of this annoying guy called 'man-ape'. for your information, 'man-ape' isn't my coursemate, he comes from the next biology department (genetics), which shares this same subject with my department (biotechnology). so we biotech guys had to go to this trip together with them.

to begin with, i've never liked man-ape. the reason i named him so is because he looks like one, his body is not proportionate with his legs (long body, short legs, like an ape), and when he yawns, he stretches his arms outward and thumps his chest like an, you've guessed it, ape. but it wasn't his appearance that makes me loathe him; it's more of his attitude. i'm using the nickname 'man-ape' because 1) i do not know his name, and 2) i don't give a damn anyway.

if you still can't imagine how he looks like, a friend of mine took his picture during the trip. i had to cover his eyes so not to reveal his identity.

hmmm, i think he resembles some animal but i can't figure out what it is...

now i'm not someone who enjoys finding faults with strangers, but this weirdo seriously got to my nerves. our first encounter was during a major presentation back in my first semester last year. 4 classes were drawn together and man-ape's class was among those pitted against my class. man-ape's class was the first to present, and although he wasn't the presenter, his class did a great and professional job; their slideshow was full of pictures, animations, analysis and research topics, it looked more like some big international company's proposal (kudos to them). they certainly raised the standard to the maximum. we were obviously intimidated, considering we haven't had any rehearsals and our slideshow was only completed in the morning. but that wasn't the case; i was annoyed because man-ape and his bunch of ass-kissers (he has a group of fans, 5-6 of them, who follows him wherever he goes, constantly kissing his ass) were so arrogant, they went walking around in the hall, chatting with the lecturers, making jokes, and had no respect towards the rest of the presenters (yours truly included). thankfully, there's justice in this world and his class ended up with the lowest mark, while mine scored the highest in the faculty (bwahahaha). you should've been there to watch how the lecture hall erupted with joy when that announcement was made. i never had more fun watching man-ape and his ass-kissers hiding their faces in embarassment.

fastforward to this field trip, man-ape somehow appointed himself as the class monitor for the trip, and to make it worse, i was allocated in the same bus with him. so there i was, enduring a tough journey together with this arrogant bastard and his ass-kissers. in this trip i realize that he's not only arrogant, he likes seeking attention as well. i've never seen someone so self-centred. throughout the entire trip he was busy giving orders to people and acted like our representative, voicing out opinions like everything's his business. and i hate it everytime he makes stupid hokkien jokes in the bus, which only his ass-kissers would laugh at (kissing his ape ass, what else?). how rude of them to converse so loudly in the bus, especially in a language where people of other ethnics don't understand.

if you're wondering whether i'm biased, let me tell you something. no one in my department liked him, everyone has the same perception that he's an ass, and some of my coursemates hated him so much they wanted to make prank calls to man-ape's room every half an hour in the night to make his sorry life miserable (i'm not sure if they really did that). i guess he'd stepped on almost everyone's toes, pity him.

i can't believe an ape can be an object of so much hatred. but this is no ordinary ape; he's an evolved half man, half ape with half a brain born in his ass, so beware!

Saturday, September 25, 2004

the message

I was in the lecture hall preparing for my test today when I received a message. I took a peek to see who the sender is, and it came as a surprise to find that the message came from the girl whom I had a crush on a few years back.

My heart sunk a little at that instance, I had a strange indescribable feeling. I remember promising her that I’ll call whenever I’m free, and we’ll go for a drink. But it has been months since I last contacted her; she’s busy with her job and I’m stuck here in the university tackling my mid semester tests. But I never did forget her.

She sent me an invitation to her boyfriend’s birthday party next month. Yes, her boyfriend. She’s already taken. For over 2 years.

It’s hard to imagine that this is still affecting me emotionally. I thought I’ve let go and moved on with my life. But I guess I didn’t. I started a new life with new surroundings, new environment and a new group of friends, and yet one message puts me back to square one. How pathetic can that be?

I know there’s no one else to blame but myself. I had the chance back then but I chose not to take the initiative. I was indecisive, insecure, and probably even egoistic. Whatever it was, I blew it. We were close friends, but there never was a chance to go beyond that. And we still remain good friends. I’m always among the first to know every time she changes her hp number, and she visits my home during festive seasons. We hung out at mamaks to talk crap, and used to go for Sunday morning exercises in the park together. We both hate my ex-admirer (she gave my crush a hard time back then), but we find ways to make jokes out of it. She never blamed me for all those troubles. All that and yet, nothing happened.

Sometimes I do wonder; if I have the chance to do it all over again, would it be a different outcome if I had taken the opportunity? Could it be a fairy tale ending? I don’t know, and I guess I’ll never know. It remains the only regret in my life. But what I know for sure is that I’m happy for her now. Happy that she has found a person who is smart, good-looking, rich, and most importantly, a person she really loves and cares for. For all that I’ve lost, it makes up by knowing she’s having a wonderful life. And for all that matters, I am happy, and that is all I can ask for.

It’s true what people say, your heart is an amazing organ. You’ll always have it beneath your chest no matter how much you’ve given out.

Thank you, for giving me a taste of sweet and bitter in life. I shall cherish every single moment of it.

Monday, September 20, 2004

surrounded by shitheads

I just had my first practical test today, and it sucked. Thanks to these inconsiderate and selfish shitheads.

This test consists of 3 parts; a section where you have a hands-on experiment, a section answering questions and do some calculations, and the last part you’re given some explants and make a short essay of what you have observed.

Now, the shitty part is this; for the last section, you’re only given 5 minutes to go up front to the microscope and make a thorough observation before you return to your seat and write whatever it is that you think it is. But obviously, some people just don’t know how long 5 minutes is. Heck, some bitches even took 30 minutes to make that bloody observation.

Imagine a shithead doing this while you’re waiting for your turn:
00:00: starts walking to the front and sit in front of the microscope.
00:10: adjusts her seat and arranges her answer sheets nicely on the table.
00:25: takes a look at the Petri dish with full concentration.
00:50: a bird flew past and she looks out the window.
01:00: continues looking at Petri dishes.
01:15: holds the Petri dish up in the air, assuming the lecturer had pasted the answer underneath.
01:40: puts it down and takes another dish, again holding it up in the air.
01:55: puts it down and takes another dish, again holding it up in the air.
02:20: jots down some notes on the answer sheet.
02:50: stares blankly at absolutely nothing, wondering why her boyfriend didn’t call the night before.
03:20: looks at the answer sheet and realizes that she made some notes, and has to get a new one.
03:30: stands up and starts walking back to her seat in slow motion.
03:40: waves at another shithead looking at her direction.
03:45: takes a new answer sheet and walks back to the microscope in slow motion.
03:55: again waves at the same shithead and smiles.
04:05: takes her seat in front of the microscope.
04:15: adjusts her seat and arranges her answer sheets nicely on the table.
04:30: looks at the dishes and makes confused looks.
05:10: I put up my hand and complained to the tutor that 5 minutes has passed.
05:20: the tutor tells her to finish up fast.
05:25: she replies loudly, “I just started.”
05:50: stares blankly at nothing, wondering why her monthly pms cycle hasn’t arrived.
06:45: holds the Petri dish up in the air.
07:00: starts writing something down on her answer sheet.
08:15: stops writing and starts humming Jay Chou’s ‘Qi Li Xiang’.
09:10: continues writing.
10:05: I put up my hand and complained to the tutor that 10 minutes has passed.
10:15: the tutor told her to speed up.
10:30: puts the dishes under the microscope and starts to make observations.
11:10: holds the dish up in the air and hopes the answers were scribbled underneath.
11:30: puts it down and stares blankly at nothing, wondering if she has left her bag unzipped outside the lab.
12:05: continues writing.
12:50: stops writing and stares blankly at nothing, wondering how long it takes for her to gobble up a big mac.
13:20: continues writing.
14:25: adjusts her seat and arranges her answer sheets nicely on the table.
14:45: stands up and adjusts her hair.
15:00: walks back to her seat, waving to the same shithead again on the way back.

Bloody bitch. It makes me wonder how some people can get their brains so far up away from their ass.

When it was my turn, there was only 5 minutes left on the clock. I made my observation in 2 minutes, and wrote my bloody essay in the next 3 minutes. I have no idea what shit I wrote, even though I know exactly what’s the answer!

I hate my coursemates. I hope they get infected with syphilis and rot in hell.

It’s another day where shitheads emerged triumphant.

Saturday, September 18, 2004

third world mentality

this is not good.

it has been 47 years since our country gained independence, and we still think like stone-age cavemen. now you tell me if our education system isn't discriminating people from different ethnics. i can't believe the higher education minister would have the guts to step out and make this racist statement. some things are better left unsaid, but no, some people just can't keep their mouth shut. his stupidity has prompted me to make myself heard.

before i start, let me assure you that i'm not a racist. in fact, i have plenty of friends from various races. i only have an issue with our government. i think the bumiputras are already in a safe position in our country, because no matter how crap they are, they would always be one step in front of the other races. the education system is an obvious example. bumiputras can do shit all they want, and they always reap the benefits.

“The reality is that UiTM is an institution relating to the rights and privileges of the Malays. This can’t be questioned.”

this statement really pisses me off. we know your rights and privileges, that is why we work so much harder than the bumiputras to excel, and that is why we are the ones ending up more successful than them. i remember back when the recent matriculation results were announced, the total chinese top scorers were as high as bumiputras'. at that time, only 10% of the seats were occupied by non-bumiputras. what does that tell you?

“Up to today, we are unable to match graduates from other races, and you can imagine the situation if the enrolment was open to other races.”

how nice, they are the ones not matching the expectations, and we are the ones suffering. he claimed that if graduates from malaysia were only made up of one race, it could lead to political instability. that is why they are dragging us back along with those who aren't ambitious. they won't let the other races succeed, for fear that they could do a better job than what they're doing now. and this is why our country has been producing such top class morons like that minister to lead our country. and this will go a long long way still.

back then, i thought if i was never to be given a chance to further my studies locally, i would do it overseas and never return. call me a traitor if you want, but it's malaysia's education system that forces me to think in such a way. why bother to be patriotic when your own country isn't giving you an opportunity to serve them? how many geniuses have left the country because of this discriminative policy? how can you complain of other countries stealing your talents when you are the one booting them out of the country?

i'm not sorry to say that we can never achieve our vision 2020. i don't believe we'll ever manage to progress with this kind of third world mentality.

Friday, September 17, 2004

now i'm bitchy and dumb

sigh, i think i screwed up big time.

i was rushing to finish up my report last night cuz it was due today, this morning to be precise. i've spent the entire week surfing the net to find related information and hibernated in the library for countless hours to make a thorough research on this topic. i was pissed off with the assignment because the topic given by the lecturer has some contradiction with the info i found. plus, i am already pretty messed up with all the tests and presentations and assignments circulating my life, if i even have a life.

then i did the unimaginable. in the end of the report, i included a page of personal opinion where i criticised my lecturer's hypothetical method. i also wrote that his experiments were poorly conducted and he used wrong and insufficient parameters to measure the observation. his work was supposed to prove a different theory altogether and it ended up with results that can determine nothing. i then stated my own methods to obtain a proper observation which in my opinion, is the actual objective of his experiments. i think i included some strong words in my report with implications that i'm ridiculing his work.

my coursemates read my report and asked if i'm really gonna pass it up like that. i guess i shouldn't, but i did. i didn't get enough sleep and i couldn't be bothered.

i hope this won't appear on monday's newspapers:
"Undergraduate, 21, killed for ridiculing lecturer"

classified as homicide

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today i finally realize that i can never work in a team. probably there's some attitude problem with me. i already have some feeling long time ago that i am somewhat demanding when being put into group projects, but i've never seen how bitchy i can get until today.

i don't know if it's just me, but i feel that when we're assigned into groups, we should be putting in extra efforts so not to disappoint your groupmates. we're talking about how much influence one person can be if he/she decides to screw up. that's why i have this mentality of being a perfectionist, everything must be done properly and nicely.

to achieve this, i usually will make my own research beforehand, and present my ideas to my groupmates on how to create the best possible presentation. but the problem is, when i do this, i always want my ideas to be the only one implemented into our presentation. this is when i start to bitch; i make eveyone agree with me. when they offer other ideas, i always find reasons to reject them (not that their ideas are acceptable anyway, but that's not my point). i would always be thinking, 'dumbass, how can you even suggest such pathetic ideas? has it never occured to you that we have brains, for a reason?'. of course, i voice it out in a polite and manipulative manner. can't help it. usually in the end, almost the entire project would be prepared by myself alone, since i don't trust others to make a good job out of what they're supposed to do either.

the only way to make me stop bitching around is by letting me work alone.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

what a beautiful day...

before i start, i just want to add some information i left out in my previous post.
20/9 : SHES2121 Plant Biotech - Oral Test (what the hell is that?)
29/9 : SHES2325 Animal Breeding - Midsem Test
4/10 : SHES2121 Plant Biotech - Midsem Test II
i'm starting to have a feeling that my lecturers are addicted to giving tests.

anyway, things haven't gone the way i'd like them to be lately. apart from the tests (a whopping 13 tests in 1 month, plus assignments, presentation and field trips), today i found out that the university charged me RM819 residential fee even though i'm staying at home. because of the same reason, i am to cast my vote at that particular college as i'm supposed to be a resident there. fine, i decided to be nice and go cast my vote at that college which is located behind the jungle, and that was when i realize this year's voting system is transparent; they know who has voted and who are the candidates you're voting for. i was like, 'what the hell? why don't you just go parade me naked in public?' i chose not to cast any votes, and i guess they've probably put my name in the blacklist already by now.

i spent the entire afternoon in the library doing some research for an assignment, decided to borrow some books (for the first time) when the librarian told me to pay up my fine. 'fine? what fine? i've never borrowed shit from your library and now i got fined? for what reason, fined for having never borrowed books from the library before?'. that basket said i took some books from the engineering fac's library, i don't even know there's a library in that faculty. no choice but to fork out RM1.70, my assignment's urgent. that basket then spent 15 minutes lecturing me on how his computer keeps accurate records, he's just doing his job, probably pranks by your friends, his cat just had pms, his mum's a prostitute, his dad's impotent, blah blah... patience, *breath in, breath out*...

then i went for my evening class at 5pm, and i don't have a clue what the lecturer was saying for the whole of her lecture. i also found out that everyone else are having a copy of some book which, according to the guy next to me, will be where the test is based on, crap. everyone else bought it at the start of the semester, double crap.

i was on my way home when it rained heavily. i was stuck in the traffic for 45 minute, my notes and the books i borrowed got all wet. after dinner, i started to write my reports. i was about to wrap up with the conclusion when i received a message from a coursemate at 11pm saying that some information ain't accurate, and i have to rewrite half of that bloody report again. i gave up after that and so here i am surfing the net, trying to post these shits in my blog when the computer decided to play david copperfield on me and wipe out my entire post at exactly this point. stupid pc.

curse my stupid luck, i hope the ceiling won't come falling onto me when i go to bed tonight.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

hmmm, what to eat leh?

well, i don't know how am i casting my vote this year. the political issues in campus are getting ridiculous. this is the first time in recent years that the election have so much problems, it seems to be ending with a bad taste in everyone's mouth. why is that?

for once, this year's candidates are all from the same party. the major opposition party has decided to boycott this election, claiming unfair decisions and tactics. since there's gonna be only one party, what's the point of voting? it's like you get into a restaurant, the waiter hands over the menu to you, and the menu reads:
1. mee goreng ikan bilis
2. mee goreng ikan kerapu
3. mee goreng ikan sardin
4. mee goreng ikan kembong
and so on...

me : what's the difference?
waiter : well, they're all mee goreng, only served with different fishes.
me : then i have no choice but to eat mee goreng only?
waiter : yes.
me : what if i want to order nasi goreng?
waiter : sorry, can't help ya. can i have your order now?

secondly, despite having candidates from one party only, every undergraduate are compulsory to cast a vote. residential colleges are threatening to investigate if there's any attempts to 'not vote'. whatever happened to privacy? just today my coursemate was telling me that for every single one who didn't vote, 5% of residents of the same ethnic group will be expelled from college the following semester. what the hell is that?

me : but i'm allergic to noodles.
waiter : not my problem. just order something, if you don't like it just leave it on the table.
me : what's the point then?
waiter : that's the rule. if you're not ordering, i'll have to ask you to leave the restaurant.

my friends in colleges are complaining of darurat. no one is allowed to enter or leave the college after 12am, no outsiders are allowed, no campaigning in colleges, you have to flash your matric card everytime you pass a security booth, yaddayadda...

me : can i go to the washroom?
waiter : i'm sorry, you can't.
me : why?
waiter : just as a safety precaution. in case you go into the toilet and make nasi goreng delivery orders.

well, it's not that i want to eat nasi goreng; i'd rather go for some burgers and fries, but aren't we in a democratic country? i have the rights to choose whether i want to eat or not, and what i want to eat. but now they're forcing me to order something to eat, and they only give me one option. what a stupid restaurant. i'm going to have my lunch at mcd's.

for those who have difficulties understanding my lunchtime crisis, please refer to this.