Sunday, October 31, 2004

my all-time favourites...

I've sorted out some of my favourite songs and made a list of ten which I concluded as the best I've ever heard. It's hard to decide really, but I'm kinda satisfied with my final picks. Below are the songs I consider the greatest hits (with no preference order).
  • 'Sing A Love Song For Me' by Yamaguchi Yuko (theme song of 'Beach Boys')
  • 'Smooth Criminal' by Michael Jackson (cool music video, don't you think?)
  • 'That's Why (You Go Away)' by Michael Learns To Rock
  • 'Hoi Fut Tin Hung' (Wide Sea Clear Sky) by Beyond
  • 'Iris' by Goo Goo Dolls
  • 'Heal The World' by Michael Jackson
  • 'Sai Kai Wui Pin Tak Hen Mei' (The World Will Become Very Beautiful) by Grasshopper
  • 'Secret Garden' by Bruce Springsteen
  • 'Heong Chuen Sai Kai Suet Ngo Ngoi Lei' (Telling The World I Love You) by Andy Hui
  • 'Melodies Of Life' English version by Emiko Shiratori (theme song of 'Final Fantasy 9')

Yeah, yeah, it's not all that great but hey they're my favourites. At least I have favourites. What do you have?

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bart said...

Hey Jason, didn't know u supported liverpool. I support chelsea!!! this was before we stuck the lottery called Roman. Anyway we're still in the Champions league and both won their first leg so it looks like i'll be meeting u in the FINAL!!