Thursday, October 28, 2004

10 reasons why having a Kelisa is better than having a girlfriend

1. Girlfriends nag you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. Kelisa never nags.

2. Girlfriends go through emotional changes every 30 minutes. Kelisa is cool at all times.

3. Girlfriends get bitchy when they menstruate and that happens every 28 days. Kelisa can't even say 'menstruate'.

4. Girlfriends check on you day and night and go through your text messages. Kelisa gives you total privacy.

5. Girlfriends need to be taken care of when they fall ill. Kelisa only needs to be taken to the workshop every 3 months.

6. Girlfriends need to be taken out for lunch, dinner, or whatever that burns a hole in your pocket. Kelisa needs to be refilled fortnightly.

7. Girlfriends need plenty of attention. Kelisa can be left out in the streets.

8. Girlfriends can ditch you. Kelisa can only be ditched by you.

9. Girlfriends slap you when you try to get on her. Kelisa opens up wide when you get on her.

10. Do you really need ten reasons? It's already pretty obvious isn't it? Besides, I'm too tired to think of another reason.

So people stop telling me to get a girlfriend already. Go get a life and mind your own business.


Anonymous said...

Reason 10: Girlfriend has irritating girlfriend but Kelisa doesnt.


NiC said...

that's a good one...=)

Livingmonolith said...

thanks, loo. i guess there's still a lot of reasons, i was kinda lazy to think at the moment, haha...

so nic, when are you going single again and get a kelisa instead? (p/s: i am not trying to lure you into singledom, if your girlfriend is reading this right now)

Lavender said...

wah..stay with ur kelisa forever..heheh.. :P
nevertheless,it's quite true wat u said..girls very kepoh the exception..buawaahahaha.. ;)

Livingmonolith said...

you're lying.