Monday, October 04, 2004

field trip to sg. siput

another field trip during the weekend, this time to sg. siput, perak. i would say this is a lot more fun compared to the previous trip, because it's not so much of a rush plus the farm looks exotic; it looks more like a tourism spot. took some pictures, but most of them are just the machines, farms, and animals, i guess no one's gonna be interested. but hey, i went there to learn, not fool around.

some of my coursemates posing for the photo. well, not exactly posing. i was trying to get a good scenery shot and they were in the way. from left to right: Mervyn, Kenneth, She Chyi, Meng Earn, Billy.

kiddy ostriches in the grazing box.

goats from the Saanan breed, good for milking. ; ) few of my coursemates bought a couple of bottles, it was said the milk is very nutritious and can heal asthma.

and finally, something enjoyable during the trip, a wonderful scenery at the farm. we ought to come for a picnic instead. i didn't get any pictures on the deers because they acted like asses and chewed off one of my coursemates' pen.

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