Tuesday, October 26, 2004

work of picasso ;)

These are the remaining drawings still with me. I've done a lot more, but over the years the majority were either stolen or given to friends. Have a good time, I'll try to draw more this holiday. And yeah, I'm proud of it, so pardon me for my arrogance, hahaha...








Jr. said...

hahaha that reminds me of another vain person...jason is too consumed with his own looks and talents in drawing that he keeps forgetting that there's someone out there who's gonna kick his ass. That would be me!!! But seriously, it sure looks good. Good work there but i guess i prefer Van Gogh's work than yours...kidding. I'm not an art person so i wouldn't know and i don't think people will still you arts...hahaha.

Seow Chi Yip

Livingmonolith said...

you won't have the chance to kick my ass. not now, not tommorrow, not forever! muahahahaha...

anyway, welcome to blogsphere, where people say all they want but no one gives a damn.

Lavender said...

hey~!!all of them looks familiar wor.. i thought i was suppose to have them all>???!??? hehehe.. shoot!should haf taken away from u back then~!! hahahah :P anyway, really are nice drawings~! ;)

Livingmonolith said...

i thought you stole some already?