Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Characters Glossary

Over the years many individuals have crossed paths in my life, some leaving memorable footprints that can't be described with words. That is why I am compiling this characters glossary in my blog, just in case there is a need for reference in the future. And also, a tribute to family and friends (probably foes too).

Ah Si (Shit)
Real name : Zi Hui
Description : One of my best friends. A loyal friend with great character. I can still remember him bravely accepting the responsibilities (even though it's not his fault) over a police case where a junior was beaten up so that the school's and the students' reputations remain untarnished. Don't find a lot of people like him, eh? Currently pursuing a degree in Biotechnology in Australia.

Ah Su Di Di (Little Brother Su)
Real name : Kian Su
Description : My room mate back in Second Residential College. Great mind, a four flat undergraduate in university. Rarely out participating college activities, but always hanging out with us mamaking. A worrywart and meticulous man. Also known as Ah Su. Currently doing Mechanical Engineering in University of Malaya.

Real name : James Ang
Description : Among the best friends of mine. Fellow scout, fellow troop leader, fellow Victorian. Born leader, weird sense of humour, big ego, even bigger heart. Also known as Chee Syn (crazy) or Sotong. Currently studying Mechanical Engineering in Australia in the same university with Ah Si.

Real name : Jacky
Description: Another best friend of mine, although I do admit we are the furthest apart among our circle of good friends. Mainly due to our constant disagreements in our perspectives. Probably because he's an avid MU fan and I'm a Liverpudlian. But still, we share great history together and I can only remember too well what he has done for me. Also known as Jackos, but most of the time answers to his real name. Currently studying to be a lawyer in Kemayan ATC.

Real name : Chee Kiong
Description : My DTop floor mate. The nicest guy in college. Perfect gentleman, nice personality, doesn't even say 'shit'. Firm believer in study hard, work hard. Quiet but helpful. Also known as Ah Liang. Currently pursuing a degree in Pharmacy in University of Malaya.

Real name : Cheng
Description : A nice guy with good looks. Always the object of cruel jokes from Lim and Kuhon. Rarely retaliate, and good-tempered. Basketball star in secondary school. Also known as Kuli (Labour). Currently doing Food Tech in UMS, Sabah.

Choy Yee
Real name : Choy Yee
Description : A close friend I got to know in Form 6. Cheerful personality, fun and a talented singer. Even has a band of her own called Between the Lines (BTL). Always willing to help, spreads happiness and enthuatism to others around her. Also known as Lavender. Currently studying E & E Engineering in Uniten.

Real name : Dad
Description : Workaholic. Works seven days a week, 12 hours a day. Has big ego, but deserves that for his achievements. Always reminding me to keep my feet on the ground. Most of our conversations revolve around our family business only.

Real name : Daniel
Description : A pure banana. Doesn't understand Chinese despite attempting to for a long time. Good in studies, dedicated in his projects, plans well. The current Director of GACC World Inter-Varsity Chess Championship. Currently doing Pharmacy in University of Malaya.

Real name : Janet
Description : Tomboy friend of mine from Form 6. Used to be my fiercest foe because of some misunderstanding (regarding her brother) but fate has it that I was placed beside her in the bus for a trip, and we talked things out over the long journey. Eventually became one of the very few close girl friends that I have and we now keep in touch via mail the old way. Currently studying Applied Chemistry in University Malaysia Sarawak (UMS).

Real name : Joshua
Description : A primary schoolmate who came to my school's Form 6. Of mixed Portuguese-Chinese parentage. Bold, tough-talking and unafraid to speak what's in his mind. Caring towards those he considers as friends, and has sixth sense. Also known as Josh to some. Currently in UMS, Sabah.

Real name : Kam
Description : Probably my best friend among all. Great personality, short-tempered, intellectual, and dare to try. It's amazing how he can spend so much time with his friends, yet still excel in studies, among other achievements in his life. Always backing friends up in anything, and listens to their problems. Also known as Tomato or Kambing. Currently doing Civil Engineering in University of Canterbury, New Zealand.

Kok Weng
Real name : Kok Weng
Description : Fellow hostel mate from the residential college. Basketball star of the college and varsity. Has great determination and nice personality. I remember him knocking on my door every night before each paper to ask questions and translations. Recently elected as one of the college's chinese community representative. Currently doing Biochemistry in University of Malaya.

Kuhon (Stingy)
Real name : Law
Description : Like his namesake, very stingy. And extremely rich. Great friend, always hang out together when he's back from overseas, going mamaking or whatever activities we can think of. An Arsenal fan. Likes poking fun at people and has weird sense of humour. Currently pursuing a degree in Engineering in Australia.

Real name : Lim
Description : Master of bullshit, incredible sarcasm and witty. Self-proclaimed handsome man (I beg to differ) and skilled in basketball and football. Funny and enjoys jokes, taking life easy and carefree. Fellow Liverpool fan. Also known as Kuduk (Loner). Currently studying Aeronautical Engineering in UTM.

Liu Pin (Pampers?)
Real name : Eu Pinn
Description : CNN network in the class back in secondary school. No gossips can pass by his sensitive ears. Funny, quiet and overall a nice gentleman. Currently doing Accountancy in TAR College.

Real name : Loo
Description : A secondary school friend. Fellow scout until end of Form 3. I remember him calling me to apologize for his resignation from the troop (which wasn't even a fault, honestly). Smart guy, among the top scorers in the school in SPM. Rarely keep in touch, and only got connected recently through blogging. Also known as Hangedman. Currently studying in US.

Real name : Unknown
Description : Public enemy number one in my faculty. Likes kissing lecturers' asses and is the self-elected student representative. Rumours has it that he's a four flat undergraduate, although that is not really an excuse to be a shithead. Also known as Bastard, Shithead, Idiot, Moron or Irritating Guy. Currently majoring in Genetics and Molecular Biology in University of Malaya.

Real name : Mom
Description : A dedicated mother and has absolute trust in me. Never held me back when I stepping up, and always supporting me when I'm falling down. Gave me extra freedom compared to my siblings, and therefore I try to repay her faith by living my life in the best way I can.

Real name : Nicholas
Description : Also among my best friends. Cool and calm, steady and quiet, charming and handsome, there's not a lot of people with these characteristics. Tends to ffk a lot, but it happens so frequently we no longer bother much, haha. Still, a great man nonetheless. Best in whatever he does. Also known as Ketot (an old nickname) or Nikoleau (only some calls him that). Currently doing Mechanical Engineering in Uniten.

Pao Ko
Real name : Cheong Kit
Decription : Funny guy with weird sense of humour. Study freak and has his own fan club in his faculty. Fellow Liverpool fan and occasionally meet up for drinks or football games. A worrywart and thrifty man. Don't ask me about his nickname, there's a long history. Currently doing Accountancy in University of Malaya.

Real name : Sasitaran
Description : A close friend in university. Came from the same secondary school, and ironically stayed in the same residential college. Ever helpful and a cool guy. My Tamil language teacher. Hanged out a lot with him while I was still in college. Also known as Sita (I'm the only one calling him that). Currently majoring in Ecology and Biodiversity in University of Malaya.

Real name : Undisclosed
Description : Corrupted teacher back in my secondary school. Took the school's fund and was caught by the Parents-Teachers Association. However, was not demoted nor fired, instead the principal decided to cover up for him. Pathetic and enjoys making students' lives miserable. Also known as *cough RM30,000 cough*, Bastard or Asshole. Currently still a teacher. Going to burn in hell soon.

Real name : Chi Yip
Description : Boy genious. Enrolled into my school in Form 4, instantly making headlines by scoring 100% in a chemistry test. First thing he does when he gets back to town is to look for old friends and reminiscence old times. Fun character and adventurous, a listener. Also known as Adrian. Currently doing Electrical Engineering in Cambridge (yes, 'that' Cambridge), UK.

Wui En
Real name : Wui En
Description : A good friend of mine in college. Moved out after one semester, but has moved back in during the second year. Many common interests, and worked well together with me in the GACC World Inter-Varsity Chess Championship in graphics and designs. We had also produced a short college movie together, and he's one computer pro. Currently studying Civil Engineering in University of Malaya.

This will be updated frequently, whenever I feel like doing so. If there is any mistakes or information left out, and if there's any who wants their particulars to be left out, please kindly inform me.


tomatoinc said...

i wonder when Ah Si and Ang and Jackos join the blogsphere?

Livingmonolith said...

probably never, oh well, you can't ask too much, can you?

tomatoinc said...

hey, jaz, if u see ang and zi hui anytime over the summer, try to persuade them to go online a lil more. i totally lost contact with both of them man..despite being nearer to them. :( watever...

Livingmonolith said...

well, i can try, but don't put too much hope on that...