Friday, October 08, 2004

do you have what it takes to enter the top?

'do you have what it takes to enter the top?'

I find the phrase kinda catchy. DTOP is actually the name of my floor (D block, top floor) given by the Second Residential College. There's also ETOP, but no other floors have much publicity compared to ours, since we were famously known for our creative productions (like this poster) of graphic animations and video clips. Besides, us DTOP gang (juniors, that is) hang out together most of the time unlike most floors where you can't even tell who lives next door. Only 4 remained in college in the second year, all whom migrated to D300 (3rd floor), which is now known as the notorious Tong Yan Kai (Chinese Street) where 80% of its residents are chinese. And the DTOP legacy disappears together with that.

I guess I won't be updating this blog for a while, my finals are coming up soon starting from next monday till 21st. Go nuts, but be nice.


tomatoinc said...

hey..don't go on hiatus! come VSG2000 batch has no catchy term for ourselves?

Livingmonolith said...

first, dude, you're in nz, a couple in australia, and the rest are scattered god knows where.
second, i only pick up this when i began work after form 6.
lastly, it's easier to teach a dog sing than getting you guys to pose for a decent photo. till now i don't have a proper pic of us together.


tomatoinc said...

hey..i am always ready for pictures. u start teaching ur monkey TL and that two pigs first la.

NiC said...

hey.. i've always wanted to take pictures of us... someone (i forgot who) asked me "what's so nice to take?" before... =(