Tuesday, October 26, 2004

busy busy holiday

The past few days were extremely hectic, I can barely survive.

On Saturday, the TAR college had a convocation (bloody college, how many convos do they have in a year?) and I helped part time, as in 12pm to 11pm. Left at that time because I wanted to go home and watch the Liverpool-Charlton match.

Spent the entire Sunday cleaning up my new house in Cheras, from 11am to 7pm.

Yesterday, I went to Ikea with my brother to shop for our rooms' furnitures. Got there at 12pm and finished purchasing at 5.30pm. Then went to the new house at night with my parents to clean up again because some furnitures were brought in in the afternoon. Got home around 11.30pm.

Tonight I'll need to reclean again since more furnitures are coming this noon, followed by my brother's and mine tomorrow. And since ours were purchased from Ikea, we need to assemble them ourselves.

And I haven't started on my industrial training application yet. Damn. Can someone please kill me now?

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