Friday, October 01, 2004


i am furious. bloody furious.

if you have gone through this post, you would've notice i got an A- while the majority of the class flopped. in this morning's class, the lecturer actually suggested to have another test, and exclude the previous results from the overall assessment.

now you tell me if you won't feel mad. i'm pretty sure some shitheads went to see the lecturer privately and proposed this ridiculous idea. i can't believe some people can be so selfish. it's enough that they screwed up their own lives, now they want everyone else to accompany them.

when you did not do well in your test, it's because you didn't prepare. when you didn't prepare, you should be expecting shit results. to obtain shit results and then propose something for redemption, is pure crap. you know how many percentage that test carries in the assessment, so do your homework. i didn't complain when i fluked my first test, i accepted that i didn't do enough back then, and the marks should be carried into my assessment to reflect my efforts. and now they're suggesting to drop the percentage which i did well and go for another midsem test, 5 days before the final examination begins. some even had the nerves to propose to have the test during the finals. smart ass.

i have a better suggestion. why not have it after our finals? and if you still screw up, then why don't we have another one next semester? or the best solution of all, why don't we sign a 70-year agreement with the rights to re-sit the test if you do poorly in every previous attempt, fixed with a free euro trip every 5 years, a life insurance contract, unlimited internet access for a life time, and a reserved right to alter contents in the agreement to your preference? that way, we'll all be enjoying the benefits, and everyone shall live happily ever after.

it's a wonder things like this can happen in universities. this is exactly the reason why i despise the quota system in my department. when undergraduates got in just to fill up the racial allocation, some will have difficulty coping as well as the others. and when these losers screw up, the others had to be dragged back so that the difference would not be as obvious. the losers have a second chance and everything to gain, and the rest have nothing but to lose. i pity the one who scored 90% for the test. all her efforts went down into the drain. gone. vanished. disappeared.

i give up. the country's education system is hopeless.


NiC said...

hahaha... save your energy... i've had that happen to me ever since the first sem in uniten. two mid term test, each carrying 15%. after scoring 95 and 98, the lecturer says she'll take the best score and multiply by 2 (many screwed up the second test). then another lecturer had a make-up quiz for anyone who wants to improve their marks if they screwed up their previous quiz. i can continue on but i think i'll stop here. anyway, jason, if you're good, you're good. those who flunked, well, they won't score in the finals anyway. so who cares if they get a second chance? let them take the test and chances are, they'll probably screw it up again. compete with yourself and not them - it's not worth it.

tomatoinc said...

oh well jason. why don't you write a similar 'begrunted' letter to your lecturer explaining your view? i hate those bastards that reset the whole assessment jus bcoz they screwed up. but luckily,..hehe..i haven't had any in nz yet.

Livingmonolith said...

well, some of us did protest, and the final decision is those who want to re-sit the test can do so, while the others who protest can choose to use the previous result. the thing is for this coming test, he confirmed which topic will be coming out, and it's almost impossible not to score (according to what the lecturer said). so if i retain my mark, it is likely i'll be among the lowest scorers in the class. indirectly, he's making us all sit for this test again. but to be honest, i'm just not satisfied that those who screwed are given the chance to redeem themselves, because that means all my hardwork before this meant nothing. if i know this will happen, i would've concentrated on other tests at that time. damn, i have a manipulative lecturer.