Wednesday, November 22, 2006

how the world has changed...

Sorry for the ranting coming ahead, but I just need to let some of my anger off my chest, because I'm all riled up right now...

You see, my aunt asked to take her 2 teenage sons in at work here during their holidays so that they won't turn bad mixing with their friends, as they're already pretty notorious for skipping classes in school. I was reluctant, but since my 'other' aunt agreed, we took them in for a couple of weeks to see if they can do a proper job.

Today is only the third day and I'm already feeling like pulling my hair off my head.

First day at work, they were... wait, they didn't turn up. DID NOT TURN UP. And they didn't even bother to call. Instead, WE called them and guess what was their excuse?

They're LAZY to come.

Second day, only one turned up. Naturally, we asked where's the other one. This other cousin of mine said his brother went to play football and won't be reporting for work, and that he'll come the next day. Fine. So I gave this cousin of mine some general work. He said he wanted to do some computer work and I was surprised to see him volunteer, so I agreed. Gave him some photos to key in names and stuff, thought it'll be better to start with some easy job.

Bad call.

He ended up chatting on messenger and checking out his friendster profiles the entire day. And like that's not bad enough, I went through his work this morning and found that half of the workload I gave him ended up with silly mistakes such as keying in wrong names and double spacing. Damn...

So this morning I made him correct all the mistakes and then banished him to other general work, AWAY from the computer. Didn't work too well it seems, as everything I leave my desk he'll end up in front of one of the computers when I return. And all my colleagues didn't dare to say a word because he's MY cousin. Exactly what I was afraid of from the start.

Not only that, he kept playing sms with his friends the entire day at work, sometimes taking up to 15 minutes meddling with his phone. And complaining of tiredness when all he did was packing up photos into plastic bags.

And while at lunch he boasted about having 4 handphones. FOUR handphones. At the age of 14. Where'd you get the money my dear?

Oh, and his father fetches him to work every morning, and his mother picks him up after work.

Is it just me, or do everyone else think that kids nowadays are born with silver spoons in their mouths?

My dear oh dear, why do you even need to get a part time job? So that you can boast in front of your female classmates in msn messenger, during work?

And did I mention his brother did not turn up today, too?

I am so fed up right now, I called my aunt and told her I won't keep him in this department from tomorrow onwards. She can throw him to somewhere else and get a taste of 'normal working experience' and I don't care a squat. It's the best to make him learn the hard way instead.

My aunt should pay me for babysitting his son instead of the other way round.