Friday, December 10, 2004

back and blogging temporarily

And I'm back again. Nothing much happened in the past couple of weeks, but I guess I can crap a whole load of shit if I put in some effort. And yeah, I'm blogging in a crowdy cybercafe again.

Went to this event on Tuesday, alone, cuz my coursemates who were performing in it insisted. I reluctantly agreed (only because I am such a gentleman, and not the flirtacious bastard as rumoured) and thought it might be a great way to relax after my first test of the semester- which by the way I'm in the third week of my new sem.

It's pretty much ho-hum throughout the performance, partly because I'm not really interested in classical dances, and also because there's this forum on homosexuality going on back in my former college which I wanted to attend. No, I'm not interested in homosexuality, it's just that Baby Betty (the infamous transexual who was a former resident in the college and arguably the prettiest one around, which is kinda sad, really) was rumoured to be making a guest appearance. Anyway, the classical dance performance wasn't all that bad. I sorta like the lotus pond thing where the dancers moved as though they were on rollers, and the second part which portrays the chinese ancestors' village life. Nice touch in the dance where they performed as villagers harvesting paddy fields and how men and women fall in love in a sampan-rowing scene (I love the way they moved in synchrony like they were really on sampans). Other than that, I couldn't decipher what the choreographer was trying to express in the other lotus dances and the silk road dances. All I can see was dancers dressed up like bamboos, umbrellas and grasshoppers running across stage without purpose. Well, you can't ask a lot, right?

So back to studies, we're supposed to be making the online confirmation of our subject registration these couple of days, but the lastest mess-up in the server created havoc around campus. Those who did the confirmation online on Wednesday had their credit hours deducted for no apparent reason, and undergrads were left with 10, 8, even 6 credit hours for the semester. What a screw up. Lucky me for being in lecture halls that time, I could've been one of those victims, hahahaha... But it's not all bad news, at least a cute junior from my former college came up to me to seek help. Funny situation, because I don't even know her, and it's real flattering that she knows who I am in the first place, muahahaha... Maybe I should've asked for her name and hp number. Wait. No, I SHOULD have asked for her name and number. Damn...

Other than that, my results came out already, and I did 'somewhat well' in the last sem, but with an obvious drop in CGPA (Cumulative Grades Point Average). A GPA of 3.33, and now 3.56 in CGPA. Out from the first class (3.70 and above) now. No more sleepless nights worrying how to maintain my grades. It is good news to me if the rest of my coursemates ain't getting 4 flat (4.00 GPA), but unfortunately they do. This is insane. I am now officially the only biotech undergrad who has never been in the Dean's List, and doomed to be the only biotech class of 03/04 undergrad to NOT obtain a first class CGPA.

The only thing that makes me feel good about myself is that I'm surrounded by a bunch of pathetic schoolboys with no lives playing stupid online games in the cybercafe. These kids are so gonna mess up their futures, wahahahahaha...

And last but not least, MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of you. I know, it's too early, but I may not be around for the next few weeks, so what the heck.

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