Sunday, November 07, 2004


Isn't it annoying idiotic Friendster users keep forwarding stupid bulletins? I hate it when I log in and all these pathetic bulletins clog your page. You must be kidding me, don't people have better things to do in this world? Your testimonials aren't food, you can survive without them, morons...

I took the liberty to edit a little bit of the content in the forwarded bulletins and re-forwarded it.
Important = Reason Why testimonials were erased

Friendster deleted because of the sudden rush of people forwarding bulletins in Friendster, it has come to our attention that we are vastly running out off resources.
So, within a month's time,anyone who does not receive this BULLETIN with the exact subjectheading,will remain in our server. Please forward this BULLETIN so that we know you are still abusing this account.
WARNING WARNING We want to find out which losers are actually using their Friendster accounts to forward useless bulletins. So if you are abusing your account, please pass this e-mail to every Spamster user that you can and
IF YOU DO NOT PASS this letter to anyone we will throw you a party.
From Mr. Wa La La

Spamster Toilet Accesories Dept.
Our Friendster system is getting too crowded!!We need you to forward this so we can delete you...
Copy, paste in new bulletin not messages.

I bet everyone will start forwarding this bulletin, muahahahahahaha!!!! (evil laugh)


Anonymous said...

Shit yeah. It's REALLY annoying.

tomatoinc said...

where are you?