Friday, September 17, 2004

now i'm bitchy and dumb

sigh, i think i screwed up big time.

i was rushing to finish up my report last night cuz it was due today, this morning to be precise. i've spent the entire week surfing the net to find related information and hibernated in the library for countless hours to make a thorough research on this topic. i was pissed off with the assignment because the topic given by the lecturer has some contradiction with the info i found. plus, i am already pretty messed up with all the tests and presentations and assignments circulating my life, if i even have a life.

then i did the unimaginable. in the end of the report, i included a page of personal opinion where i criticised my lecturer's hypothetical method. i also wrote that his experiments were poorly conducted and he used wrong and insufficient parameters to measure the observation. his work was supposed to prove a different theory altogether and it ended up with results that can determine nothing. i then stated my own methods to obtain a proper observation which in my opinion, is the actual objective of his experiments. i think i included some strong words in my report with implications that i'm ridiculing his work.

my coursemates read my report and asked if i'm really gonna pass it up like that. i guess i shouldn't, but i did. i didn't get enough sleep and i couldn't be bothered.

i hope this won't appear on monday's newspapers:
"Undergraduate, 21, killed for ridiculing lecturer"


Lavender said...

yo man!!good luck!! wahaha.. i really salute u la~!! geng!

tomatoinc said...

jason, i often did that if i managed to find faults with my lecturers' work. unfortunately most of them here are pretty 'well tested' by students. I think you won't screwed up. even if you wrongly contradict the lecturer, i guess he will probably remember you as a thoughtful student, and will probably spend an hour or so explaining your fault. Plus, if you are Right to began with, your report will probably embarass him, and he might probably explain to the class that he is wrong. then you are the bloody hero of the class. ;) hehehe..