Sunday, April 17, 2005

my computer's possessed!

Is it just me, or the computer's playing some prank on me? I was surfing for a while and wondering why the hell there aren't any updates at all in any of the websites I've visited, when I realize the bloody clock reads 11:31pm, 16th April 2005.

And it's 2:30am when I got back home.

Funny thing is, I left home around 11, right after I'm done surfing the net, so even if the bloody computer froze no way it can be at 11:30 cuz I had already turned it off by then. After I corrected the time and date, everything went back to normal and all the websites are updated to present time. I mean, my computer's clock shouldn't be affecting the websites right?


Okay, now let's talk about something else.

So, Liverpool drew 2-2 with Tottenham, and Stevie G missed a penalty huh? What else is new? The next thing we know Bolton and Bluenose are battling it out for the final Champions' League spot. This is fast becoming a wacky world. Just a couple of seasons ago both teams were fighting relegation battles instead.

Read an article earlier in Soccernet, some reporter was asking if it is finally the perfect time for Gerrard to go. So much of a great player he was (and still is, in my POV), he is fast losing the support from local fans. He may still be a Kop hero to many, but then again, players like Alonso and Biscan are making some big names of themselves too. And Liverpool had proved from time and time again that they can produce excellent results without the versatile captain. So now the question is, should Liverpool let Gerrard leave to another club?

Personally, I think Gerrard's a great player, and he will excel wherever he goes. Should he be staying at Liverpool, the least he can do is come out and make an effort to convince us supporters that he's staying. I remember Owen doing the same about the same time of last season, and then he's off to Real Madrid. Surely he's not missed, but at that moment I can only think that he betrayed Liverpool and led us supporters through much despair after some merry-go-rounds. That makes me mad and miserable. But now, I'm happy to see that he's doing well there, and there are no bad feelings anymore.

The same thing goes to Gerrard. If he is leaving, this time I'll be wishing the best for him, maybe it's the best for both sides after all. He is destined to win trophies, with or without Liverpool.

I'd really like to see him stay and win with us though.

That's all for tonight. I need to rest now because I'm working part time in the morning to earn some cash to cover my expenses, since I don't get any salary for my training. Sigh. 1 more month to go.

And I'll cover the computer with some cloth before I sleep, I'd hate to think that some white figure might crawl out from the monitor and scare the shit out of me. Stupid haunted PC.


tomatoinc said...

hey kop fan, don't have to put so much emotion for steven gerrard la. i don't think chelsea really need him too. :P stay in liverpoool and let u guys have some fun in premier league..otherwise it won't be fun anymore.

Livingmonolith said...

whoever lah said gerrard's going to chelsea? haih, if wanna go oso go madrid lah...