Monday, April 18, 2005

doesn't it feel great...

...when you wake up early in the morning, get all ready to work, and then realize it's a holiday and you can fall back into your bed to sleep again?

...when you are all stressed out trying to finish up the assignments on the table and your mom walks in bringing you your favourite Neslo Ice?

...when you can hang out with your close friends in a cafe in the middle of the night, talking about nothing at all?

...when you did well in the finals because you had actually 'listened' to the lecturers in class, while your brilliant coursemates screwed up memorizing notes?

...when you accompany your mom for a lengthy walk at the pasar malam, and talked about everything without being secretive or condemning, just like when you were younger?

...when a complete stranger walked up to you and tell you that you have nice hair?

...when you spend some time taking a walk in the park before dawn, and enjoy the serenity?

Doesn't it feel great to know that you are still alive at this exact moment? Life's too short to dwell on past regrets, enjoy everthing that you're doing now, cherish all things around you, and life will be just, well...great.

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