Friday, March 21, 2008

hoglet in the family...

It's working hours now but what the heck, now it's officially lunchtime and I'm gonna blog this anyway, hahahaha...

I went to collect my hoglet (baby hedgehog) from my breeder Dickson last night, boy, it was a tiring journey to drive all the way to Batu Caves. But thankfully, it was worth it.

Sat down at the KFC with Dickson and his girlfriend, and chatted on the basic necessities of this hoglet. Apparently the hoglet belongs to his cousin, and fortunately I reserved this young fella earlier because when the hoglet began quilling, this kiddo turned to be a beautiful salt & pepper snowflake, and his cousin must be thumping his chest, Dickson said his cousin claimed that if no one has reserved he wanted to keep it, hahaha... I'm lucky that Dickson kept his promise. It was originally more of a standard salt & pepper. Dickson confessed that this is by far his most beautiful hoglet he and his cousin managed to breed.

It had an injured right ear, part of it bitten off. Got it after a fight with siblings (what a loser). But anyhow, it'll be fine, in fact now I can recognize my hedgehog easily, hehe, still applying some medication though... And for a hoglet, it is unusually tame. When we first met this kiddo let me hold it and it doesn't ball up like other hedgehogs (hedgehogs recognize smells, and usually rolls itself into a ball when they see strangers or smell different stuff). It was already running around actively, and not making any hissing or puffing noises. Hahaha, I think it's my fate that I always end up with pets that are unusually tame. ;)

Reached home very late, and took the hoglet out so it can adapt to a new environment. Dickson said usually his hoglets take about a couple of days before they get used to the new surrounding, food and stuff. This little guy doesn't look like it needs time though, this morning when I woke up it already pooped all over the wheel I left in it's box.

No doubt I'll start posting pictures here when I have the time, but now it's back to work. I'll be attending a play tonight in PJ, entitled 'Broken' if I've not mistaken. Hope it turns out to be good. And tomorrow I'll be back to the alma mater to resolve some issues, you guys know what they are. So after that I'll be back home playing with my hoglet again!

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