Sunday, February 13, 2005

singing the blues

Man, I couldn't believe the scoreline I saw when I came back after a drink with Wui En.


This so damn sucks. They're officially the third team who did the double against Liverpool (the other two are Man Utd and Chelsea) this season.

It has been bugging me for months that Everton are sitting comfortably above Liverpool. I hate this. I've never thought such things can happen in my lifetime. Man Utd? Fine. Arsenal? No problem. Chelsea? They can drown you in a sea of banknotes. But bluenose Everton? Never. Never ever ever ever (x3,000,000). Everton is the second team in Merseyside. They play second fiddle to Liverpool and that's all they do.

It really saddens me when I look at the table now. But mediocre results from mediocre players are pretty expectable, isn't it? Hyppia's too slow, Pellegrino's too old, Nunez can't dribble, Hamann's lost it, Baros can't keep it, Morientes takes forever to get back his fitness, Traore can't concentrate, Dudek has butter fingers, Josemi's clumsy, Biscan's not Premiership quality, Gerrard's not interested, Kewell, Cisse, Kirkland, Alonso, and Pongolle are out for months.

At times like these, I really hope Benitez would just throw some youngsters into the fray and hope they produce some excellent displays to show what it really is playing for LFC. It's about playing for pride, not wages.

Hope Liverpool will finish 4th above Everton. And get rid of players who aren't interested to don the famous red jersey.

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