Wednesday, February 09, 2005

himalaya my foot!

Argghhhh!!! How can I watch such movie?!! It's disastrous!!! I can't believe I stayed in the cinema for the whole 1 and a half hours!!!

To cut the long story short, we actually booked tickets for 'Seoul Raiders', only to reach there and found out the price is RM16 per ticket because it's premiere class. We were not willing to fork out so much just for a movie, so we decided to watch something else instead.

The next option was actually 'Constantine', which sounded like a good movie. But Kam Fei didn't want to sit in the third row from the screen, so we ended up watching 'Himalaya Singh'.

Let's just say the movie sucked big time, and the only thing worth watching is, wait... there are nothing worth watching. I'd rather watch a snail crawling up the wall than this movie if I knew it was this bad, with a capital B.

Stupid plot, stupid casts, stupid director, stupid script, stupid animations, stupid jokes, stupid stupid.

I vote 'Himalaya Singh' for 2005's Razzberry. Total crap.

Oh, by the way, Happy Chinese New Year everyone.

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