Monday, February 07, 2005

so many things to do, so little time

One week break for Chinese New Year is not enough. Okay, not really 1 week break, still have class on Tuesday.

2 days went by and spent entirely on assignments. Stupid paperwork. Better get As for these few subjects or else gonna skin my lecturers alive.

Need to study for the upcoming tests. Algae Biotechnology 22/2. Applied Microbiology 23/2. Tissue Culture 24/2. Crap.

Need to start preparing folio for Human & Animal Physiology. Worth 30%, pass up 2 weeks before finals. Pass up Biotech Special Topics' folio when lectures resume, 80%. Tissue Culture assignment, 10%, 24/2 deadline.

Need to buy mattress, toiletries, prepare stuff for house-cleaning. Moving out from home to SS2 end of the month. Springcleaning on 18, 19 and 20 Feb. Find transport to shift tables, mattress and other things before moving in.

Need to feed the dog and fish, daily, dog at 7pm, fish at 3pm. Train dog. 20 minutes a day right before feeding.

Need to check on industrial training application. Bug the office, weekly. Pester them to act fast.

Need to sneak Janet into UM's library next Tuesday. Need to find a matric card for her to get past the gates. Have to think who's around to lend me a matric card.

Need to rest. Pao Ko called to watch 'Seoul Raiders' Tuesday midnight. Agreed after 0.2 milliseconds of thinking. Booked tickets for 4 (including Tham and Kam Fei).

Need to get away from assignments. Going to my brother's room. Play Lord of the Rings-Battle for Middle Earth.

Wait. Need to pee. Going to the bathroom first.

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