Monday, May 02, 2005

putrajaya, kuala selangor, ice-skating and birthday celebrations...

The last couple of days were terribly hectic, having fun of course. On a rare occasion where my supervisor insisted that I take a leave on Saturday to visit the BioMalaysia exhibition at Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC), I fully utilised the holiday by giving myself a deserving break.

After visiting BioMalaysia's exhibition in the afternoon, I came back to PJ just in time to leave for Kuala Selangor with my housemates and a senior, since everyone took the oppoturnity to return to KL during the 3-day holiday, not gonna spoil the fun, should I? Leaving at 7pm, we arrived Kuala Selangor around 9:30pm and took a boat trip at Taman Kelip-kelip and enjoyed the beautiful scenery with fireflies all over the place. The boatmen were surprisingly nice and actually very willing (by our request) to bring us close to the fireflies until they flew all over us. Too bad we didn't capture any pictures that time.

Later after that, we had our dinner at Kuala Sungai Seafood Restaurant and enjoyed some great food there. I'm lazy to post any close-ups on the dishes (besides, I don't wanna make you guys drool all over your keyboards), so I'm posting a picture of us before the dishes arrived instead.

L-R: Yeow Huei (our graduated senior), Sharon, me, Yee Wen, CK, Shya, Lucky, Julie.

The following day we went to Sunway Pyramid for some ice-skating actions, considering a lot of us haven't tried it before, and the last time yours truly skated was like about 7-8 years ago. Thank goodness I still have some of it left from last time and managed to stay fall-free throughout the entire session. However, I guess we're a bit too old for this sport, seeing so many teenagers (with horrible fashion tastes) on the ice rink. Pretty lot of young adults with immature minds too, but I shall not elaborate on that and spoil the mood.

L-R: Shya, Sharon, See Wan, Jun, Julie, Yeow Huei, Lucky, me.

Casually posing while at rest, F-B: me, Jun, See Wan, Sharon, Yeow Huei, Julie.

Clockwise from bottom left: Jun, me, Sharon, Lucky, See Wan. Sorry for the bad quality, no professional training whatsoever...;)

We celebrated Jun's and Sharon's birthdays in advance that night because it is the last time we have a full gathering before the new sem begins. Planned a surprise celebration for them and thought of a splendid idea. Lucky was supposed to pretend to broke an arm and Yee Wen would be running upstairs to alert us and borrow my car keys, before conning them to come down and see the birthday cake which is hidden in the crowd in the living room. But instead of barging into my room where Jun and I were hanging out, Yee Wen accidentally went into Sharon's room and she went down early and spotted the birthday cake before they could hide it (which btw, asking the smallest person to cover the cake is a very bad decision). Anyway, it's the thought that counts, right? So it doesn't really matter how screwed up the act was.

Birthday kids: Jun and Sharon.

Front row, L-R: Yeow Huei (what's with the horny look?), Jun, Sharon, Lucky, Shya.
Second row, L-R: Julie, See Wan, Yee Wen, Kai Sean (another senior), Chang Wang, CK.
Back: me, who else?

Btw, today (2nd of May) is also the birthday of my old crush. So have a wonderful birthday celebration and may your life be filled with happiness and joy.

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