Wednesday, May 04, 2005

happy mother's day

My mom fell sick today. So sick that it makes me sick.

For as long as I can remember, I've never seen my mother getting sick, let alone becoming so ill she can't even stand up without fainting. She has been complaining of a bad back for the past week, and the last few days her health's getting worse. Stomachaches, dizziness, low blood pressure, vomitting, all these showing that her health's faltering.

She has always been the pillar of strength to me, looking so able and strong in managing the home and her work for the last few years. I guess I am the only one who didn't realize age is really catching up with her. She's 53 this year, and had she been any luckier, she's retired and enjoying life now.

Times like these I wished that I have never made the decision to rent a place with my friends and stayed at home to look after my mother instead. I should've brought an umbrella for her when she was getting off the car in the middle of a heavy rain. I should've done more chores at home instead of going out with friends. I should've accompanied her for breakfasts more often. I should have, I should have... all the things I should have done but I didn't.

Thank goodness she felt all better after throwing up in the clinic just now. At least she can now walk without feeling dizzy or fainting.

And now I can finally rest, after a chaotic day with only 2 hours of sleep since yesterday morning.

Btw, it may seem a bit too early, but I guess there aren't any better moments than right now, so Mom, Happy Mother's Day and I love you. I promise I'll spend more time with you and Dad and yadda yadda yadda whoever's related to me in one way or another.


Jr. said...

Wah so touching!!!!!!!!!!!!

*tears rolling*

Yeah, it's never too late to appreciate our parents for EVERYTHING they have done for us.

Yalor, move out for what? Told u that i wanna have bbq at ur new house...

now i will have to do it at ur apartment pulak.

NiC said...

wow... jason in touch with his emotions again... anyway, hope your mum gets well soon...
and like seow said... move out for wat? my house and uni bloody far, i oso stay at home la...

Livingmonolith said...

moving out is a good way to test how i cope staying away from my family. besides, i'll be spending more time in the lab compared to home, so it's better to stay somewhere near where i can catch a cat nap somewhere in between.

anyway, seow, i'm not staying in apartment lah, it's a terrace house. prob having a party back home in cheras would be fine, since i come home once in a while.

anyway, thanks for the concern, both of you.