Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Steamboat (18th March 2005)

Well, I've mentioned before that I had a steamboat party with my housemates back in March celebrating the final examinations and as a housewarming party, but I didn't have the chance to put up the photos cuz I didn't have them back then, and I got pretty occupied after that. Since now I have some time to idle with, here they are (get some tissues to wipe away your salivas):

My housemates goofing around while I prepare the cocktail, sial...
From L-R: Sharon, me, Lucky, Cheng Pei.

Pei's boyfriend specially brought these prawns (I forgot what they're called) from her hometown back in Kuala Gula, a fishing village, that evening. Yummy, fresh from the sea!
Clockwise from top: Prawn #1, Prawn #2, Prawn #3, Prawn #4, Prawn #5, Prawn #6.
This is supposed to sound stupidly funny.

This is the only group photo we got before chomping down everything in sight.

And this is the one after we chomped down everything in sight.;)
Clockwise starting from me: Me lah...duh, Yee Wen, Cheng Pei, Shwu Shya, Julie, Chang Wang, Sharon, CK, Lucky, Jun's girlfriend (damn, I kept forgetting her chinese name), Jun.

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