Sunday, May 08, 2005

merit or quota?

Pretty amazed by this article in The Star.

It sure is disturbing to see the enrolment of Malays in critical courses lower than it was when we practised quota system, but whose fault is it really? If the Education Ministry reviewed the current policy and find it a disadvantage to the Malays, what actions do we expect the Ministry to take? Change back to the quota system?

When they announced that we will begin practising the meritocracy policy they said it was for a fairer competition for places in local universities. That I agree. The year ended with more percentage of Malays enrolling into universities compared to any other races, and we've had no qualms about that. At least we fought for our places fair and square, nevermind the differences in STPM and matriculation.

But now knowing that the majority of the percentage went to not so 'favourable' courses, Umno Youth wanted a data to clarify whether this is a smart move in the first place.

The sad thing is I don't see the undergrads in local universities, regardless of their ethnic backgrounds, complaining about these craps. The people bringing up all these controversial problems are, instead, the political figures and the Education Ministry.

It's about time to stop spoonfeeding our people and let us walk on our own. With this kind of shielding and protection, we will never lose our tag as a third world country.

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mwt said...

What they want is both. Maintain the meritocraZy system and applied the quota system to the critical faculties where their numbers are small.

Either system they have the win-win situation already. The latest population figures 2005 (released by the epu department) show that the % numbers for the ethnic majorities are 65.9, 25.2 and 7.5. The present intake quota (55%,35%and 10%) would be revised and the Malays would be in the majority everywhere.