Friday, May 06, 2005

meaningless debate...

Just saw this post at Koptalk, and I didn't even notice such an issue back then.

To save the trouble clicking on the link (I know you guys are a bunch of lazy asses), I'll just copy and paste it here:

Gutless FA backed London clubs
The national media are quickly catching on to how the English F.A. protected both Arsenal and Chelsea last season when it cropped up that there would not have been enough Champions League places on offer for them this season had results created a complicated and controversial situation.

You will recall that Arsenal and Chelsea met in the quarter-finals of the competition last year so a similar situation could have developed like the one we're currently facing, should we actually win the Champions League by defeating Milan.
Although the problem never actually presented itself last season, the FA made provisions for the 4th placed team to be entered into the UEFA Cup instead of the Champions League.
On March 10th last year, the FA published the following statement: "Should Arsenal or Chelsea win the Champions League, they will automatically qualify for next season's competition, but England will not gain an extra Champions League place, even if they finish outside of the top four in the Premiership. In that scenario, the fourth-placed team in the Premiership will play in next season's Uefa Cup."
Fortunately Oliver Kay of The Times has picked up on this and so too has Sam Wallace of The Independent.

I couldn't get to the webpage using the link in Koptalk, it's probably expired or taken out, whatever.

I still think that should Everton finish fourth this season, they should qualify for the Champions' League even if Liverpool wins the Cup, that if they manage to do it, but it's too early to argue about this meaningless debate which in the end may not even be of worthy mention at all.

However, I'm not impressed with the FA's stand, it's so clear how they switched sides comparing this season and last. If indeed Arsenal or Chelsea managed to win the Cup last season (which if some of you didn't already know, Arsenal got dumped by Chelsea in the quarter, and Chelsea were knocked out in the semi), Liverpool would've, ironically, been overlooked in this competition and would be challenging for the UEFA Cup instead. The fact that Liverpool got all the way to the final is just, well, ironic (I hate this word).

And Arsenal's vice-chairman's in the FA board. Hmmm...

In the end of the day, we wouldn't know what will happen. Maybe Liverpool will be thrashed by AC Milan in the final 6-1 and our arguments would be for nought. Or maybe Everton will suffer from hiccups and lose all their remaining matches and Liverpool will pip them to fouth spot, besides winning the Cup too.

Ah, daydreaming too early I guess. But I'll keep my fingers crossed.

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