Thursday, May 26, 2005

for chelsea fans...

I was reading an article about Frank Lampard recommended by the Koptalk's editor.

Sometimes, you do wonder whether all these footballers have any other things in their minds other than football itself. True enough, Frank Lampard has been a fabulous player throughout the entire season, but it's not only his performance on the pitch that counts. The kindness in that man makes him thousands of times better than the great footballer he is. And no, I'm not kidding. Chelsea fans, you ought to read this article.

Frank, I forgive you for breaking Alonso's ankle earlier in the season.


rational thinker said...

must be your moving entry about frank lampard...liverpool win the champions league. congrats. the team who can beat chelsea must be the team who wins it. ;) kudos. next year it's chelsea..hehehehe

Livingmonolith said...

haha, thanks for that mate. it's gonna be chelsea allright, since liverpool won't be there defending it. but you guys would have to surrender the league title to us.;)