Monday, May 09, 2005

liverpool crash out from champions' league

Liverpool finally went out from the Champions' League, next season that is. Arsenal won the match 3-1 and fairly so.

On a lighter point of view, we now can calmly say that we are still competing for the UEFA Cup which is sort of some consolation. No big deal I guess. Still in Europe, and still challenging for a cup anyway.

With the Premiership all decided except for the relegation battle, there are nothing else to focus on other than the CL final in three weeks time. I hope Liverpool can manage to grab hold of their fifth European Cup, though I do not think that gives us the right to compete in next season's. It's more or less a bonus, cuz if Liverpool wins it, they get to keep the trophy and UEFA will have to mold another replica.

Besides, that's all we Liverpool fans can look forward to, right?

Congratulations, Bluenoses, you've earned the last Champions' League berth. However, being a Liverpudlian, it's pretty normal that I hope that you guys crash out in the qualifiers. No offence really.

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