Sunday, September 04, 2005

taking a break to blog stupid issues...

Psstt, don't tell anyone else, but I got into a police officer's record book a couple of days ago. Nothing biggie really, I was in Putrajaya Friday night taking photos with some friends, celebrating my last test before the midsem break. Something about people always commit suicide there or something like that, he said. Bugger, it's not like we look like we're gonna commit some mass suicide for some satanic ceremony. There goes my good reputation, stained with that stupid record.

So, finally the holiday break's here. It certainly doesn't have that kind of joyful feeling though, for I have to spend the whole week back in the lab, again, to continue on my project. And prepare for my presentation the following week; I was unfortunately picked to be the first to present in the class. And then there's a test 2 days after that. And another test the following week. Crap. Am I even on holiday now?

Studies aside (not really, but whatever), I've been reading a lot of blogs recently. And I'm sort of hooked with the 'stupid tourist in KL' issue. You'll know who I'm talking about if you keep track in PPS. That's a great read.

I've never been a fan of that particular blogger but I won't say that I hate her. She writes good stuff, pretty intelligent too. Too bad she has some kind of attitude problem. It's not easy to own a blog read by thousands of people daily, complete with posts that diss off people like it's nobody's business. I would have difficulty juggling that, but she seems to be handling it quite well. She's not completely wrong in her post about KL, but that doesn't mean she got it all right.

She voiced out her opinions, so did others. Fair right? She can say that 'bloody KL-ians are a bunch of rude, tiko (sorry no idea what that is), uncivilised and dishonest people', so why can't I say she's a stuck-up bitch who's full of herself? (btw, I personally think that she gives herself way too much credit on her 'good looks') And what, cutting queues is rude huh? So using the toilet for the 'handicapped' isn't? Sweeeet...

Yeah, yeah, Malaysia's an underdeveloped country, we suck in this, we suck in that, whatever you wanna say. So much for a country whose government banned chewing gums because their citizens have a fetish of sticking the chewed gums on MRT's sliding doors.

Yeah, I know insulting the country is cheap, but I only learned it from that blog.

"Malaysians, if you still decide to be rude and uncivilised, just think of the image you are protraying for your own country. Not good at all."

All these, coming from the mouth of a rude and uncivilised Singaporean. How ironic.

Yes, I didn't like that post, so I too can complain in MY blog.

But enough of complains, I think I'll go get a chewing gum. Yum.


Anonymous said...
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Jr. said...

hahhaha...well, just assume that she's still a kid.

Like how chinese used to say, "Low suun mei xang chai". She hasn't grown out of it yet...

Anonymous said...
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