Monday, July 04, 2005

back to uni...

Blogging from faculty's computer lab, gonna be quick.

Just came back from Redang last week, and now I'm back to PJ already, lagging behind in my research work. Need to spend more time in the lab and settle my stuff fast before the semester starts, and it's not easy since most places in the uni are restricted because of the orientation week.

Went to watch 'War of the Worlds' last night, not bad but the ending's kinda unexpected. What a crappy end.

And I think I'm too tanned right now, just now a couple of chinese girls walked into the computer lab and asked me questions in Malay. I replied in English but they kept going on rambling.

And my skins on my shoulders are peeling off and this sucks.

Note to self: Next time remember to apply sunblock on shoulders!

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Jr. said...


i am back in kl already....pls come out for drink some time....:P:P:P