Saturday, July 09, 2005

happy 53rd birthday, mum...

It's my mother's birthday today, came back home just for the occasion so I can go out for dinner together with my family. It's been a while since the last time we went out together for dinner. I can't remember having any ever since my grandfather had a stroke early last year. It's not really that convenient eating out.

Anyway, midway through the dinner my uncle told my mum that he saw me with a girl watching movie last month and asked me when I'm bringing her to meet the parents. Wah lau, damn pai seh wei. I choked on a mushroom and almost died of embarassment. I remember telling him that she's only a friend. I don't get what's the fuss is all about, no one gives a damn when I go watch movies with Pao Ko. But nevermind lah, I always tell my mum who I go out with so she knows pretty much how's my social life. Saved by my mum.

Tomorrow night will be the first official meeting for the third year seniors of Second Residential College. Sounds a bit funny that I'm somehow involved; I moved out after first year. But since all my housemates are 'bigshots' in the Tiong Hua Society, previously known as Chinese Community group (CC), I'm gonna be dragged along too. Not that I have a lot to do there, this year the college has no Science undergrads at all for the first time, so there aren't any juniors for me to look forward to in the upcoming orientation. Damn out of place I tell you.

Gonna pack up my stuff tomorrow morning and shift them to PJ, including this computer. No line over there yet, so the only way to blog is through the faculty's computer lab, which is always full anyway (despite having about 100 computers). Don't fret if you guys don't see me blog that often. Just stay nice and fuzzy.

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