Friday, October 28, 2005

several things in my mind now...

1) To the owner of the car with the plate number JJG 225,
I advise you to approach any car workshops and realign your car's headlight beam, cuz your stupid HID lights are BLINDING me YOU MORON!

2) I should start taking politics less seriously, like watching a cartoon or something. It's just laughable, really. But good entertainment nonetheless.

3) I don't mind people praising their religions and spreading them, but don't put down others while doing it. I never said your God played poker and has a beer belly, did I?

4) Midway through my thesis project and my labwork ends with no results. No RESULTS. How amusing, hahaha... In for a meeting tomorrow with my supervisor to discuss what went wrong. I really need something fluffy to punch at right now. Some dummies like Badruddin or bloggers who address themselves as a third person. So that I can reduce stress while doing good for the community.

5) Freddie Aguilar's 'Anak' (a Tagalog song) is a really nice song.

6) Damn you, I fast when I want to fast, so what's your problem? When did the rules said only Muslims can fast? Clueless bimbos.

7) How exactly does Ethidium Bromide work in gel electrophoresis? Damn, this question is bugging me like hell. I can't believe I can't answer when my pharmacy housemate asked me that. It reflects UV light to emit the glow you see in the gel analyzer. Ok. But it was into the agarose gel during preparation, so why doesn't the entire gel glow and reflect the UV beam? Good question. How, damnit, how?!

8) Please let 'Corpse Bride' be a good movie, cuz I'm watching it tomorrow night. Please, please pretty please.

9) I like the idea of wearing tudung in universities (for the ladies obviously, duh). Just like how I wished I had the chance to wear baju Melayu to school back then. I thinks that's quite cool. But let's not make it a compulsory thing. It kills the joy.

10) Study, you idiot, study. There are only 3 weeks to Finals!


zack powers said...
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rational thinker said...

seems like a lot in your mind. we hanve't catch up in a while...msg me sometime ya...