Sunday, October 23, 2005


Watched the movie on Thursday midnight, would've been one heck of a movie, even for non-football fans.

An inspirational movie with all the ingredients we would want to see in a football movie, Goal! would be ranking among the top movies I've ever watched. Of course, I'm somewhat biased since I'm a football fan.

Kuno Becker did well in his role as an illegal immigrant from Mexico going through various obstacles to achieve his dream as a professional footballer. As the storyline develops, we can see more and more similarity of how football is worshipped as a religion in UK, and how a promising youngster struggles (and successfully) to make it big in one of the top clubs in England.

The supporting cast aren't bad themselves. I'm surprised to see Alessandro Nivola speaking British English so fluently despite being an American. Marcel Iures looks so convincing as the Newcastle manager it makes me wonder why Souness is still lingering in Tyneside. Stephen Dillane is the nice bloke who did everthing he could to make sure Santiago Munez thrives in the big stage. And there are no harms done with a few cameo appearances by the huge football stars from Real Madrid and Newcastle.

This is the movie to watch if you're an EPL fan, even for a Liverpool fan like me (although I have to stress that they lied about the results in the last game).

I think I'll be away for while in the coming weeks, the final examination's coming up soon in a few weeks time, so don't expect any regular updates.


rational thinker said...

good luck jason...

most of us are in exam-mode at the moment..including your truly.

damn exam..

when's holiday starting?

NiC said...

hey... my exams finally over! =)when u wanna go out for a drink?

Livingmonolith said...

my last paper's on 23rd of nov, and then one month break till the day after christmas.