Monday, October 10, 2005

this blog of mine...

Note to self: Will be sitting for Spanish language test in approximately 10 hours. Must try to finish posting in half an hour.

I have nothing in particular to blog about.

Probably suffering from a burnout, or I've just lost interest, either one, I don't know. Somehow I feel that blogging isn't what it used to be.

I started blogging for two reasons:
1) being harassed to start blogging by a bunch of old friends who were (and some still are) blogging; and
2) to keep in touch with my close friends and to let them know what I'm up to.

Frankly, I'm really grateful to those who bugged me to create this blog, so to connect myself with my close friends who are now scattered all over the world. Although it has only been a little over a year, I can't imagine how my social life would have been without it.

But somewhere along the line I have a feeling that I am still losing touch. I don't know what went wrong. I don't know where are my friends, I don't know what they're busy with, and I don't know how they're living their lives. We don't share our lives the way we used to.

Perhaps age is catching up with me, with all of us. At 22 I'm in the phase between teen age and adulthood. Changes are happening everywhere. Some have started working, some are in their final years, and some I don't even have any ideas of their whereabouts. Everyone are drifting away slowly.

I miss those days when I can hang out at my friends' houses and talk crap till dawn. Days when we can just go have a drink at a nearby mamak whenever I feel hungry at night. Days when we can just knock off our shoes anytime and play a silly 3-3 football game. Days when we could hit the midnight movies and rant about it after the show. Days when we drove around town for hours in the middle of the night without a destination. Days when we beat the heck out of the birthday boy.

At this moment, I don't think blogging can fulfill what I want. It's just a journal to keep all my thoughts and I don't really need to remind myself of all the things that I never wanted to remember in the first place. I'm tired of facing the computer every single day and chat using the keyboard.

I am sick of internet life.


Joe Powel said...
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rational thinker said...

hey jaz.

you are not the only one with age catching up, You re right, things are not quite the way they are, but that's part of the process anyway...

it's just sad most of us are busy with work, that we seldom have time to even catch up. somehow i gotta agree..internet life sux...

my real life ain't that great either..hahaha..

Jr. said...

hey does that sound like a pre-midlife crisis to me? Hmm...yeah, it sux really.

Just imagine that i was in Malaysia for the whole 3 months and only get to meet up with you and Nic for the short one/two day mamak session.

That just gonna show how our priorities have changed. I still wish that i am attending a high school... 'a more simple' life that what i am going thru now.

By the way, i am on a long hiatus as well. Am applying for jobs now in UK, so shhhhss..dun let anyone know.

NiC said...

we've all got our goals to chase... but when it means abandoning our friends, it does sux... seriously... although i admit among us, i'm at fault at times for not making the extra effort to meet up with you guys... probably that's the way life goes... those times in VI was probably the best time i've had... no worries with the best frens i've ever had...
ps: our blogging frens are kinda limited to just u, seow, kam and myself right?

Livingmonolith said...

all of a sudden i've realized that there aren't any friends around anymore, and it's pretty darn sad to have to communicate with people using messengers and stuff. the only people i mix with now are just my housemates and coursemates, it seems like my life only revolves around this small social circle.

NiC said...

bro... ur frens are still around... true frens dun just disappear after a while... it's just a matter of that extra effort to meet up for a drink, talk, laugh... anyway, my holidays are coming soon in two weeks, wanna go for a trip?