Thursday, July 29, 2004

it's about time

this is gonna sound weird, but i wasn't really that interested in starting this blog, and i'm still not convinced i guess i'll just try posting up some stuff and see if i'll get addicted to it in the future, haha... anyway, thanks to tomatoinc (my good friend kam) for making me do this, it may well be my favourite pastime in the coming months. i've breezed through some of my friends' blogs and i have to admit i am impressed with what everyone's doing. too bad i'm not computer literate, as seen from my blog, or else i'll be putting more effort here. but what the hell, i'm still young and eager to learn, that's enough for me for the time being, hahaha... this should be all for the time being, it's time to start hitting the books, it's all about tests, tests, and more tests, sigh... till then, stay cool.

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