Tuesday, April 25, 2006

end of a chapter...

Wow, only another week or so in university. I'm so gonna miss this lifestyle.

Second paper out of the window this noon, that was my last ever biology-related exam. Two more left, logical thinking and basic Korean language. Life ain't that hard after all.

You know, the past couple of weeks have been really emotional. Not that I'm showing that on my face (when do you see me make facial expressions anyway?), but I've been spending a lot of time doing stuffs that I did ever so frequently that I won't be doing that often anymore in the future.

Stuffs like going to the market at 7am to buy ingredients for lunch.

Stuffs like hanging out at mamak stalls for a weekend Liverpool match.

Stuffs like playing football with my coursemates, even though most of us can't kick to save our lives.

Stuffs like chatting till wee hours in the morning with the housemates, and waking up half past noon.

Stuffs like arguing with coursemates whether an M13 or pBR322 makes a better cloning vector.

Stuffs like living a university life.

Man, I hope time stops, right at this moment.


tomatoinc said...

life goes on jason. life goes on. :) and often for the brigther and better time. salvo your moments, and live no regrets.

:) peace from ya brother in down south.

NiC said...

i wonder wat it'll be like when my university life cmes to an end...