Tuesday, October 31, 2006

down and out...

Finally have some free time to blog, although it isn't really pleasant for me. I'm down with suspected food poisoning. Haha.

Took the day off today. Can barely walk around in the house for a couple of minutes. Was already feeling very sick since yesterday afternoon, but had to hold on till I'm done with the appointments. Bad call. Once I reach home in the evening, I'm already feeling terrible headache and eye pain, nausea, stomach cramp and bloating. Thought it would be fine after a short nap but no, ended up with fluctuating body temperature after that. I was like trembling at one moment, and then the entire body's burning up the next moment.

Went to see a doctor last night and she suspected that I was suffering from food poisoning. Funny cuz I didn't see that coming, I thought food poisoning will be far worse than what I'm suffering right now. So I called in sick and rested today, but I'll be back to work again in the morning tomorrow, 6am. Haha. Hope I can last several hours tomorrow, at least to get my job done before going down again.

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rational thinker said...

get well dude..don't die. :D