Saturday, October 25, 2008

while i was away...

Hmm, I guess nothing much happened back here. Almost didn't make it back home to KL after I lost my temporary visa slip. Luckily the immigration officers were a bit lenient and let me off with a warning.

Oh, and while I was away? My hedgehog gave birth to three beautiful hoglets. :)

Can't believe I missed the first few days of the babies growing up, and with nobody at home knowing what to do with them!

Finally got to see them tucked nicely in the hidebox sleeping late yesterday night when I finally reached home, and thankfully all hoglets and the mom are safe and healthy. I guess when the mommy hedgehog gets less protective I'll be able to take several photos of the 'rambutans' (as my family calls them) to be uploading into this blog. :P


NiC said...

so fast got baby?!
the first time when i met the mummy or papy is like just yesterday.


Livingmonolith said...

yeah, they only take about 4-5 weeks before giving birth after mating...:)

and your 'yesterday' was like almost 6 months ago, in hedgehog's lifespan that would be like 10-15 years? hahaha, they surely grow fast...

Lavender said...

ahaha! post some pics wei... how come the way you described them sounds so cute? hahaha!! i always thought their scary! ahahaha.... :P