Saturday, August 01, 2009


Couldn't really pull myself out of the bed this morning. If it wasn't for some smart client who calls on a Saturday morning, I think I'd be spending the entire day tucked nicely in my bed.

Haven't had any off days for quite some time, and considering that KL's traffic condition to be static today it meant I'm able to stay at home instead of going to work. And also had a good night out last night.

Ministry of Sound was celebrating Juice's 7th birthday with a party called "Future So Bright" on the 31st July, but to be honest the real attraction was the free flow of Chivas between 9pm-11pm. Though not a fan of liquor, I didn't pass the chance to attend especially since it's been some time I've gone out clubbing. And also because a big number of my primary school friends will be having a good gathering there as well.

Upon arrival, it turned out to be a major disappointment when news broke out from some of my friends who're already inside that every patron is limited to only two glasses of Chivas (heck, that's a major fraud case), and the long queue didn't help. In the end we hopped over to Coco Banana instead.

Coco Banana was expectedly less happening, but within an hour the crowd started moving over from MOS, and quite a few complained being duped by the 'free flow liquor' adverts, coupled with boring fashion shows (??) being the main agenda of the night.

It was the first time I met several of my long lost friends, definitely over a decade since I saw them. Clubs aren't really the best place to sit down and catch up on our pasts, apart from a few small chats everyone were basically dancing all night long and boy, aren't they serial clubbers. ;)

2-3 glasses of liquor was okay. 4-5 glasses, still good. 12 glasses within 2 hours? Well, I'm surprised that even with a dozen glasses of Chivas I'm still sober, although to be very honest had I stayed on for another glass I'd be puking all over the place. I'd have to thank the lady for having a seminar early morning today, that was a good excuse to leave early (1.30am is considered pretty early for them).

Took a shower and hit the sack immediately after I reached home, and I couldn't really do anything but lie straight on the bed, at that moment any movements could've triggered my 'puke' action. A double dose of paracetamol in the morning helped little to ease the headache.

I'm still wondering why do people enjoy getting wasted. I certainly don't. But I do enjoy catching up with old friends though.


tomatoinc said...

jason, did you post that..or was it Sharon? Hahaha. Damnit, it made me felt that i don't know you that well anymore! sigh. Let's party!!!


cLiu said...

you are outdated about Jason's life at KL nowadays...

Shall I be glad that I didn't go? =P

Livingmonolith said...


i'm not a frequent clubber, and i don't think i'll ever be. but just so happened that i have a good chance to meet up with some very old friends, which was why i agreed to go. :)


actually it was quite okay. leeyen, cheng and coco had a good night out and stayed on even longer than us, it's just that i'm not the best drinker around. ;)

NiC said...

it really does not feel like a post written by the jason that we know huh?


jason, is this your first hangover?

tomatoinc said...

jason, with that said, when i come back to KL, you have to fucking drink with me..or i will be really really upset.

you too CL and Nic.

Livingmonolith said...


umm, nope... think it's the second time or something.


that if you're coming back, sure no problem.

btw, don't expect any updates from me for some time now, i'll be off to kuching tomorrow, followed by ipoh, kuantan and nilai non-stop. don't think i'll have access to internet these couple of weeks.