Thursday, April 29, 2010

points to ponder...

Boy, 15, shot dead by cop.

Public's Response:-
1) He's only 15, are there no other alternatives but to fire shots at him?
2) The only crime he committed was sneaking out from his home at 2am in the morning, and driving without a licence, and beating several traffic lights.
3) The cops are hungry for blood and above the law.

I'm not saying that I'm siding with the cops, nor am I siding with those who are calling for justice, but I'm just looking into this matter objectively.

It's 2am. The cop doesn't know who is manning the vehicle. The suspicious car tried to escape from the cops and sped past several red lights in the chase before being stopped by the patrol car. The deceased reversed and rammed his car into the patrol car.

If you're the cop, and in such situation, what would you have done?

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