Wednesday, August 11, 2010


These days, you only need to grab a big DSLR and take a photo with you holding it near your face, crop the image to hide the bad angles, add a little airbrush using Adobe Photoshop, adjust the colour tones and post that photo on your Facebook profile and voila! You call yourself a professional photographer.

Sometimes, it feels like everything is getting too easy and people earn titles without having to work for it. 15 years ago, a photographer will take one shot and his reputation will be based on that naked photograph that comes straight out from the darkroom.

Come 2010, a person holding a DSLR will take hundreds of images of the same object, go back to his computer and select the least ugly shot, make overwhelming editings and he'll come out with that great 'photograph'. He then uploads it online and earn plaudits and compliments for a capturing a fantastic shot.

Photographer? Cameraman? Or just plain photo editor?


cLiu said...

i am an moderate person, i believe everything come in a package.

Read from Louis pang's blog about the same issue. I kinda agree with him. Yes, photo edit make the photo looks better. However, no matter how good the photo editor is, he can't make a good photo if the photographer is sucks.

a good photographer with no sense of art in graphics or photo editing skill is not a good photograper as well.

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