Monday, February 04, 2013

the end...

I was browsing through a few blogs that I used to follow when I started blogging back in the mid-2000, and no surprises when I say most of them have left their blogs unattended, or perhaps updating only once a month. Mind you, these were few of the ‘celebrity’ bloggers back then when Project Petaling Street was still a useful link to find wonderful writings, news and jokes. These days almost everyone owns a blog, and may I add, everyone claims themselves as a blogger just because they own one.

Maybe internet was much more of a luxury back then. I can remember almost every single blogger who has graced the blogsphere because almost every post I read in PPS were properly thought, written and expressed. I enjoyed spending time online reading blogs until 3-4 years back when everyone began to have something to say (or they think they do) and blogs become the best tool for them to express their inner thoughts and feelings.

I have no issues with that, really. But when everyone are sharing it on a public blog-ping of sorts, that’s when PPS became a junk-generator webpage. I grew tired of it, stopped blogging regularly, stopped reading the great articles and posts (because it’s too hard to filter which posts are genuine with misleading titles and adverts a common sight), and subsequently had no interest whatsoever anymore.

Some great bloggers survived, some improvised. Few turned to twitter and maintained a good fan crowd. Some decided that they’ve grown out of it. There is, after all, life outside the room.

I certainly am no celebrity blogger, nor was I an avid blogger to begin with. But 2013 could yet be the year that sees my last post, I don’t know.

I don’t have much to tell nowadays, life’s great, the end. Once or twice in a year I’ve thought of shutting down this blog for good, but wiping out my written memories for the past 7 years does seem a little wasteful. I don’t know, but perhaps 2013 will see my last ever post. One year before my 10 years anniversary in blogging. And this being my 333rd post since my first one in 2004.

If that holds any meaning at all.

How time has changed, and how blogging has changed.

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