Thursday, November 17, 2005

for updating's sake...

Man, I wish to be her right now (not exactly 'her' lah, but receiving those gifts and crap). Camera phone wei, I'm 22 this year and I still can't afford one. Not even the old, huge, capable-to-kill-a-dog-when-it's-thrown-at-it sized handphone. Thank God my brother gave me his phone together with the prepaid line some years back, or else I'll still be living in seclusion.

I remembered the day when I scored straight As for UPSR 10 years ago, I was... wait, I don't remember what happened that day. It just went past like any other regular days in my ever-regular life. Hahaha, I guess no one really paid attention to UPSR back then compared to the media coverage nowadays.

Just to update, I'm actually in the middle of my final examinations. Had a paper this morning, there's another tomorrow, and another three next week, hence the disappearance from blogsphere. Nothing much that I wanted to blog about anyway.

To Mr Rational Thinker here,

probably should let you know that I am just considering the probability of roaming around in New Zealand after I graduate, providing that I am to be receiving some financial and moral support from my domestic sponsors (as in 'parents' if you don't get it), hahaha... I don't know, still early plans, nothing concrete yet. Would really love it if it happens, that would really dwarf my only other out-of-the-country trip (which happens to be the stinking city down south).

The suggestion came as a surprise to be honest. My family was sitting in the kitchen talking about their trips to overseas some time ago. South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Germany, Turkey, Egypt, UK, New Zealand, China, Germany, Italy, Austria, Holland, yadda yadda... Damn, I'm amazed at how many vacation trips my family had where they forgot to include ME. How pitiful. God bless my grandmother for bringing that up, and she asked if I wanted to tag along when she's visiting my aunt in NZ this coming May or June (of course I do! if I'm getting sponsors that is), perhaps can do a backpack trip once I get there. And I just thought of the idea to visit you if it really works out fine. Hahaha, I'll see if I can get any further with this plan. Will inform you if there are any updates on this. Till then, stay cool, and shed some weight dude. ; )

Okay, back to studies now. Spanish paper tomorrow. I'll try to express myself in a short paragraph.

Es muy frustrante, yo no estudio mucho espanyol esta semana. Pero yo penso la examen no es muy difficil. Nosotros estudiamos poco en la clase esta semestre, y las profesoras son muy simpaticas de cualquier manera. Yo voy estudio ahora. Hasta luego.

(It's very frusfrating. I didn't revise much spanish this week. But I think the exam won't be very hard. We only learn a little in class this semester, and the lecturers are very nice anyway. I'll go study now. See ya.)

Crap. It's damn hard to grind out the sentences. Bye now.


rational thinker said...

Finally some good news from malaysia. I can't wait to have you here dude. :)

Jr. said...

that's cool man...i wanna go toooo. tOo bad...i will not be around.. :(

NiC said...

i wanna go as well! but next year won't be good.. i dun think i can find the time to squeeze the trip in... =(