Thursday, November 24, 2005

idiots called football pundits...

I am so tired listening to them condemning Peter Crouch week in week out. Surely there's better things to talk about rather than his 16 games without a goal, right?

Yes, the goal drought is a glaring stat, given that his position as a striker, but he can't be that bad as the motor-mouths describe. If we put it in a different angle, had Benitez bought Crouch as a midfielder, these buggers would have nothing to complain about. As much as he has been unlucky up in the penalty box, Crouch has shown that his game is beyond scoring goals: he makes them and he changes the gameplay. That's why I'm so pissed with what I read in the papers.

No doubt, I was not a fan of Peter Crouch when Benitez signed him, and I still am not. I believe for 7 million pounds we can get a quality striker with a respectable goals per game ratio. Peter Crouch is not that. Perhaps he will never be. But he is a striker with different qualities who offers other options, and so far I have been pretty impressed with his overall performance with the exception of a few games that I've watched. Therefore, I wouldn't say he's a bad signing. You want a bad signing? I'll name a few to refresh your mind. Bjorn Tore Kvarme, Phil Babb, Sean Dundee, Bernard Diomede, Mauricio Pellegrino, these are only few that I still remember donning the red shirt with the word 'disaster' written on their foreheads. Peter Crouch is definitely so much better.

Stop the Crouch bashing, and let's concentrate on Man Utd's possible Champions League exit. That's a so much better topic to cover.

Anyway, I'm done with my finals now, it's time to party, wahahaha... Will be having bbq with my housemates tomorrow night, and after that I'll have to start working on my thesis project again, damn. And please remind me to take the hard disk out from my computer and send it to some professional hackers to retrieve my important documents. Damn the blasted computer. I hate technology.

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